Zuly Sanguino a Painter and motivational speaker

Zuly Sanguino was born with no arms or legs and fought against bullies, abusers and suicidal thoughts.
She became an inspiration for everyone with her history and art!


Zuly Sanguino a Painter and motivational speakerZuly Sanguino a beautiful 23 year old woman, she is a painter and a motivational speaker. She was born without arms and legs, due to a birth defect known as phocomelia ,

When her mother Wilhelmina,  was recovering from childbirth, the doctors told her Zuly was born without arms and legs; and she would have to settle for seeing her daughter lying all the time, until God have mercy on her.

Zuly Sanguino painter and motivational speaker with no arms or legs

Adapt to a normal life was very difcult, Guillermina recovered from the news after a week, but then she thought and realized that her daughter had come to this world for some reason and se could understand that her mission was to help her little baby to find her purpose in life .

The first thing she taught her small Zuly, was to sat down. Then she layed her baby on the floor. Guillermina was sure her daugther would learn to walk, and Zuly walked 13 months later.

Some time after Zuly’s birth, his father couldn’t carry on the sadness at seeing her daugther in that condition, so he decided to suicide. Her mother Guillermina was the cane Zuly needed  for support, and thanks her, she learned to be independent in her work and even learned to paint with her mouth.

With the same tenacity, Guillermina gave higher education to all her children.

Today , Zuly Sanguino is a beautiful, talented visual artist , and a speaker who despite her young age , she has given countless motivational talks on all kinds of businesses, schools , prisons and associations.

At 15, her life took a turn when she realized that life was worth living . Since then her condition became an example to the world , especially for those people who fall into depression and deny life even having it all.

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