You do not have to figure out how to find water in the hard conditions

You do not have to figure out how to find water in the hard conditions!


How to get drinking water plants?


Arguably the most original and the most important part in the survival of humans iswater, of coursethe food is just as important, but only a short time without water durability you want, take a look at the events and people who were trapped in harsh conditions, only those who have survived that way to reach into the water. Then youalso know the risk they take away. Fortunately, in nature can easily remedy ponder.


Methods of taking care of the plants during the trip


The world’s most exotic plants in the Botanical Garden of China see!
The easiest way to reach the drinking water is from the evaporation of the water in the stems and leaves of plants is going on, the greatest interest. But how? Maybe here need to be familiar with one of the interesting properties of the plants, and it is that plants absorb water impurities and help you with the plastic bag could evaporate the water plants, drinking water supply yourself. So together we will review this method.
In this section, you must carefully choose your plant. It’s better than plants with large leaves and poisonous plants shouldn’t go on like Scouting. Also with the selection of a plant that is more exposed to the Sun can this process of water evaporation speed.
Preparation of drinking water
By pulling the plastic bag onto a node handling and sturdy plant, waiting to collectwater. Just make sure that the bag is lower than point node. To get more water, you can do this on several branches.
Well this method is that there is no harm to the plant every day, and you can not do this with the other branches, and so when the plant is alive, the place of supply of drinking water supply yourself.

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