Depression may occur at different levels

There are many things in life that bothers you, the death of a loved one through separation from someone we love and even see a sad movie. This can happen to anyone (even the most optimistic people in the world is not always happy).

Research has shown that human emotion is something common and useful. Natural part of being sad feelings that people usually feel it. This feeling often entire life and tragic irony occurs when your parade.

But if you have discomfort involved for a long time and are unable to release themselves from it, you may be thinking to yourself: I am depressed? If you want to know the mood for something more than a simple inconvenience or not join me in this article.


What is sad
Grief can be referred to a situation that, for example, in this way: I am sad because I fight with my friend, my grandfather died, I lost my job. You see this is clear and can be said to be upset because the reason why we have this sense.

All situations that were said to be the person in difficult situations. But if you can not find a little hope and be sure to review the problem will be solved, we can say that you will not experience discomfort, a feeling that you have become a man. (Side note: I never ask for help to get out of uncomfortable situations that you spend shy, either a simple or discomfort bigger problem).

Another sign of grief? Even in the deepest spot problems that you can sometimes lose sight of the suffering that took care of you and go to something else. You can find a way to separate inconveniences, for example, go out with friends, go to your favorite sport or watch a funny movie.

This does not mean that we do not believe the discomfort. Problems related to the loss of a loved one, unemployment, needs not being met, love failure, etc. can be very severe and continue over a week.

In addition, negative emotions associated with premenstrual syndrome is also a fact.Especially women aged 18 to 35 years old, usually with mood disorders are caused by this syndrome – feeling of discomfort, fatigue, anxiety and sometimes anger – these scenarios one or two weeks before your menstrual show, and when your menstrual period starts by saying: Oh, that was why I was sensitive.

With all this taken into discomfort eventually be recovered again become faded negative emotions and feel better, lighter, and are even happier.

When more than one condition is normal
On the other hand, depression is persistent, long-term psychological problems that affect everyday life. Everyone experiences this case immediately noticed the difference with a normal discomfort.

Depression affects more aspects of the health and performance. Just like discomfort, a traumatic event can trigger depression, but unlike normal sadness, depression affects the mood of the person with disabilities.

People who are depressed may experience the following:
Low energy
Physical exhaustion
Difficulty concentrating
Decreased libido
Feelings of emptiness, sadness and guilt
Distancing the individual from others
Change in sleep and appetite
Think of Suicide
bad temper
Moving and speaking slowly

When a player gets his depression discomfort with the scenarios suggest that if you have to think about treatment.

So be careful feeling of frustration and helplessness, because it is very common among depressed people. In such a situation one can not hope for the future, and thinks he will not get better, get rid of negative thoughts is difficult to ignore.

Depression may occur at different levels, in a state of mild person is constantly feeling negative or sad. If you have moderate to severe, is starting to impact on everyday life. It may be hard to get out of bed, clean the house, wash clothes, and of course your own or work.

The embittered people do not like the place up and go to work, but they still do it. But a depressed person is by no means stood unless in danger (for example, it is possible to be fired). As upset as you go out with your friends, but when you are depressed may completely ignore their calls and SMS.

درمان تاثیر گذار افسردگی

Research has shown that psychotherapy is an effective treatment for depression is the first step

Treatment includes what is?
Immediately after feeling depressed do not need to see a psychologist. If you feel you must grapple with nothing more than a simple inconvenience, first try with the closest friends you care to talk. If this does not help you understand your issue is complex, so it is better to consult an expert.

The need to help of an expert is different for each person. As a main rule when a person feels he is not able to do alone or depressive symptoms on time affected her everyday life is to follow your treatment. The sooner you act, the less damage you see.

Recommend psychotherapy (talk therapy) start. Try to hire someone who is an expert in psychotherapy, such a person can prescribe the right medications.

Because the symptoms of depression are complex and variable, its treatment is the same.Research has shown that psychotherapy is an effective first step in the treatment of depression. One of the most common methods of cognitive behavior therapy, which can be incredibly effective and help people control their depression. It involves helping the patient to use your mind to change behavior and help him to look positively into the space around it.

Keep in mind if you’re looking for help does not mean that life is supposed to remain under treatment. Using the right tools to treat patients without the use of medication helps identify your problem and destroy it. Depression is more and more acute and more complex needs to be more consultation with a psychiatrist.

How to help?
At the same time, if not you think that you are depressed, but the state is going to continue to introduce several methods that you can return back to normal.

1. A change things
To begin to change what you do now. Get up and look around a little, make something with your hands, if Bldyd play a musical instrument, or say something pull, a cook healthy meals for themselves. After about 20 minutes of rest along with your creativity, you can come back and try it again the problem that you solve.

2. find something to laugh
We watch a video. For example, check out the your favorite blog or van. But because the best way to be happy is to communicate with others, talk with your friends and happy moments for your build.

3. Consider something bigger
Try to think of someone else. Communicate with something that is bigger than yourself.Through prayer or meditation can communicate what you believe in it.

4. Be honest with yourself
Your little mercy, a good talk with yourself to blame because you do not pay the slightest problem. Its easy to forgive your spirit is always high.

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