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Yoga for education to reduce wrinkles




Yoga video training for
If you work during the day strongly. If you are also prone to damage from environmental factors, such as sunlight, the wind, various creams, and cosmetics. If you have muscle almost 16, lots of bone and blood vessels out there that can help you that all these movements with your face.
Yoga for you that helps you boost your facial muscles and also to resolve the everyday boredom rather than slowly and ever do the following.

1-drop language
It is recommended that your language for 6 seconds to keep the same mode, in this mode is much better even if the tears of the current your eyes, and gradually more and more blood flow, in this case, you would be that it comes with excitement.

2-the eyes
The two irises in the middle of the forehead, depending on the State in between the two eyebrows and inclined to focus on the same episode, this practice helps to give your muscles and to find peace toes.



3. for milk
Through the nose-up where you can enter the air and keep your six
Now let out the breath through the mouth without having to open your language your eyes the motor and open your package and this action 3 times to repeat.



4-amazed me!
So where you can open your eyes (like getting surprise mode) but try not to move the top part of the eye, in this case, a point for 5-10 seconds of staring and this repeat 4 times.
This mode is a trumpet face catching (a trip to the artists)


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