Write to this tree to find your dream partner!


Write to this tree to find your dream partner!


The tree of wishes in German


This information note: Bräutigamseiche Dodauer, 23701 forest, Eutin, Germany. If you write a letter to this address, to chestnut tree forest in the area of Eutin Dodauer in Germany. In the past one hundred years, thousands have written letters to the tree and according to reports, the wish has been fulfilled, all of them aspire to find a partner and a dream wife! Now to this tree, the tree of wishes in Germany say.


Seeing this Museum in Germany you will be surprised!
This tree is that a hundred years of its life, the Bride Groom oak tree” (Bridegroom s Oak) is also famous, according to the legend this tree as a boy by the grateful, that one of the trees of the forest are closed and was released by the girl, were planted,although  with this comment and did not believe that the bride and groom an oak tree in ancient times based on the opinions of the people has been planted. But what is clear is that the name of this tree is a romantic letter writing after it was selected.
Oak tree bride and groom Germany
According to the evidence, a hundred years ago there was a girl called Ohrt that boy called Schüttepaternity that was selling chocolate Felsche love this girl’s father but that was jngolban, with the subject was the opposite. Boy and girl secretly wrote letters and put it in the slot of this tree are arranged so that they can read it. Finally, their families and the two agreed on 2 June 1891 under this tree that was dear to them, they married.
This is a true story from generation to generation was transferred from one person to another, and this caused people to find their life partner and write in the letter slot of this tree. This tree has a size that was famous in the year 1927, the German post office decided for this tree is a postal code just so people can get in anywhere from Germany that are to write the letters. After this, the reputation of this tree was over and people from around the world wrote letters to it.
Cleft oak tree
The trunk of this tree which conducted the autopsy, there are almost 3 m above ground level and easily accessible by ladder, it is interesting to know that this tree is a universal mailbox and letters in which there can all open, read and answer.
Letter to the tree of wishes in German
In recent years, this tree has been much intermediaries of married individuals, and according to news releases, more than hundred marriage by this tree. The exciting part of the subject that Mr. Karl Heinz Martens that the postman is more than 20 years that a letter to this tree, his wife through one of these letters that the gap has been tree, and are married.
Bridegroom ‘ s Oak tree still spends 5-6 receives a letter

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