Women who are allergic to cosmetics read




The consumption of cosmetic products so much that normal regardless of them, seems to be difficult. However, you must be aware, should not be changed and the products relative to any skin reaction. People who are more sensitive to the choice of products that should be allergenic materials and inflammation is less surprising.

The use of cosmetics in the reaction of health causes 20% of people, such as inflammation, eczema, and allergic skin conditions. taking more risk with which products?


Women who are allergic to cosmetics read


Cosmetics: inflammation or allergy?
What is a skin allergy reaction between inflammatory and we make a difference?

Inflammatory or allergic reaction?
Dermatitis (skin inflammation (Dermatitis) means) and allergic inflammation are together. An important factor is there and it does not have the same two reasons for this.

The sensitivity of a molecule due to the collision with the “allergen” comes into existence.

Inflammation due to disproportionate use of a product with the skin type.



– The immediate inflammation, or after smoking a few times there comes to a product while a sensitivity to appear with the delay.

– In cases of inflammation, the only reaction is limited to the area that has been in contact with the product but the sensitivity in most cases to all areas expands.

More severe symptoms of allergy symptoms, such as redness, swelling and itching. The inflammation causes the irritation, stretch, creeps and leave, but rashes or itching or a little. Inflammation associated with itching, quick treat. Instead, recover the allergies and the recurrence of the time.


Women who are allergic to cosmetics read



– The majority of products that cause inflammation can include soaps, shampoos, depilatory products, fragrances for makeup, anti aging products with AHA and vitamin A or as a result of smoking often allergies. fragrances perfume and makeup, special aromatic care products appear. Later they can be placeholders, absorbent materials, coloring the hair, Nail Polish, nails and special sunscreen products.

The main products that cause allergic reaction of the skin are

More than 26 of the molecule fragrances known as allergenic.



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