سفر کردن, مسافرت رفتن, آداب سفر کردن

You’d think the world of today, not yesterday similarities to the world unsafe for women traveling alone, is associated with different risks, but the fact is that countries that are still unsafe and dangerous journey as they can be a single woman. Tourism authentic site “Silicon Travel”, the report presents eight women’s unsafe for tourists.
India, though these days among passengers, but niche market in the world for tourists Naamntryn women were in first place. The main cause of the events that have occurred in recent months in the country, resulting in a significant reduction of female tourists in India and the replacement of the two countries, Thailand and Malaysia by the tourists as a place to spend the holidays. In the last of these events on Tuesday, a female American tourist was raped in a village in India and less than a month ago, a similar incident happened to a female Swiss tourists.
Brazil List Naamntryn countries in the world for tourists woman is second in recent years one of the most successful countries in attracting tourists and is expected to host this tournament World Cup in 2014 and Olympics in 2016 one 10 tourist destination in the world. But in recent months violence against women in the country, which has grown in both “Rio” and “Sao Paulo”, both of the top tourism destinations are Brazil, has been dramatic. In this situation, the tourism industry security experts female tourists to one of the challenges facing the tourism industry know Brazil in the coming years.

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