Mexico in recent years, among the top five tourist destinations in the world is, over the last three years due to a serious program to combat drug-trafficking gangs president faced with reduced safety factor. It was seventh on the list, a variety of tourist attractions including historical relics remaining from the three civilizations “Maya”, “Inca” and “Aztec” benefits. The campaign was carried out by gangs, drug trafficking, resulting in the occurrence of serious security problems in Mexico has security rate in the country declined sharply and some areas of Mexico as an unsafe place for tourists, especially tourists woman turned has done.
Kenya as a prime destination tourism Dark Continent are mentioned and always hosts millions of tourists, especially from European countries to visit the wildlife, pristine and tour car safari to visit this country are the standings in eighth place is taken. According to a recently published report by the Development Fund for women’s education affiliated to the United Nations published, many parts of Kenya, mostly for tourism purposes also are places unsafe for tourists were women and sexual abuse of women tourists are frequently happening .
So keep your security
1. In the event of any accident within the perimeters of the incident and photographs and video to avoid. Stay away from the scene that must have been the first reaction.
2. documents you need in your hotel suite in a safe place and a copy of it with you everywhere. Note that the documents (passport, national ID, driver’s license, birth certificate, return ticket, etc.) and cash and valuables in any way to anyone not deliver.
3. Public transport routes from the hotel reception to ask about the security of shopping centers, places of interest, streets and traffic routes learn from mentors hotel.
4. In the event of theft or loss of your property and objects or any problems, including (accident, lost fellows, fight, arrest, etc.) shall notify the consulate or embassy of Iran.
5. accept any food, sweets, perfumes, water, syrup and avoid the unknown.

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