Turkey is a popular tourist destination these days. But the rankings are the most insecure countries in third place in the world. According to statistics provided by organizations active in women’s rights, rape statistics are very high in this country and in Istanbul in 2011 to more than 10 thousand women were raped in the part of tourists. Continue this process for a country that, according to predictions by current trends continue in the coming years will be among the five premier destination in the world tourism can be very harmful.
Egypt is ranked Naamntryn countries in the world for tourists woman in the fourth seen, one of the purposes tourist world, according to figures released by the Ministry of Tourism and Historical Monuments of about 20 to 25 percent of tourists in this country are women. However, local media reports of kidnapping and repeatedly raping women tourists is published figures from the country’s poor has outlined some female tourists.
According to a survey conducted by a reputable site “Hastl Bvkrz” as one of the world’s leading sites for hotel reservations made, local Colombia is unsafe for female tourists. The country was ranked fifth, according to many female tourists who visited the country many regions of Colombia, including the country’s coast and the border with Ecuador and Venezuela areas unsafe for tourists is female. The historic and beautiful city “Bogota” – the capital of Colombia – located in the vicinity of the Andes, a tourist destination for tourists woman is safe.
Guatemala was in sixth place, according to the latest report of Human Rights Watch Naamntryn one of the countries in the world for women and one of every three women is abused. Why not a safe country for tourists woman and studies have shown that in most areas, especially areas in which Guatemala’s drug trade with America is going on female tourists have very little security.

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