why we sleep





According to “health news» Dr. Moghimi in first class course attaran said in regard to the definition of sleep sleep behavior is organized as a vital necessity, and on the basis of biological rhythm is repeated every day; all living creatures for renewal energy and gain the readiness to continue the work and activities, the need to have a sleep; a third of human life in a dream is going fit and calm sleep is one of the secrets of health and longevity And the human vitality and durability.

He dreamed of the Islamic philosophers from the perspective of the genesis of this kind interpretation of traditional medicine: sleep in Genesis philosophers effect of moisture accumulation in the brain of tempering that loose nerves and sensual soul in absorbing them. Looking at the apparent movements of the body and the senses can be created but stasis in the internal acts of the body that are essential for life, such as breathing, digestion and undermine the growth could not be created.


why we sleep



The time is right for sleeping Moghimi between 6 to 10 hours per day.

He added: a number of sleep people to depend on the age and temperament, for example, that the amount of moisture the body significantly more than other ages are the most sleep and age gradually increases, the moisture from the body and reduce the amount of sleep also is also less. Get enough sleep in different people with different definitions in different bowel movements. For example, a young person with a hot and dry nature of temperament than his individual the same age but with a cool temperament and nature needs less sleep.

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