Most people are rude and value for things others want only speaker not care

When people talk to you censor themselves and stilted talk, or write to modulate their life’s passion and listen to your advice?
When you put your foot into the room, silence fills the house or the friend who was waiting for his power and opens the Drddlsh? When people talk to you censor themselves and stilted talk, or write to modulate their life’s passion and listen to your advice? You will not know unless one of the annoying people that their presence in the plural, or absence of peace and harmony along? Perhaps reading this and getting to know the habits that rude behavior on the show, can turn your homework by yourself. If you have time each day over the course of the process of moving not rude, it is not unlikely that some other time, all the people around you to escape abuse.


Decisive, not rude
Assertive people say: “As I have already said, I have time to finish this weekend just finished, and those who do not, according to previous agreements fined.”

Rude people say: “Did I not say this work should be finished by the end of the week?You are making fun of everything and have no authority to do these things! “

Are you afraid to ignore your rights and do not respect your opinions? Probably the right way to protect your rights before you take aggressive action and adopt, but no! The path you have chosen does not deliver you to your goal. What you need to protect your rights, decisive, not encounters with naughty flavor. Perhaps the decisive ask, what is the difference with the scowl, the sound is thick and tough demands of expression?

The difference between these two is overwhelming people with the seriousness of their rights protected, but rude people, with such behavior will attack the rights of others. In fact, the second group to disarm the other person and even gain more points, while the first group repeatedly stated their opinion and to achieve their demands, without trying destruction of yet another.

Frankly, not rude
Rack people say: “I do not wear this color. Usually I like darker colors to choose clothes. “

Rude people say: ‘What are you wearing an ugly dress! Black and tired has come! “

Do you think these two sentences what’s the difference? Do you think the speaker, he has done nothing but confirm? So why not introduce the speaker first rude rude and offensive to us, but the second sentence is. The story is that the speaker in the first sentence, without marginalization and frankly, he announced himself to the interests and demands, but the speaker’s second leg Glymsh laid out and with the same clarity as to what the other person and commented interests. Do not enter if you want to collect rude and insulting to others do not, it is better spaced and more cautiously and only when you are asked to about the things they is concerned, the review.

Rack people themselves are asked to sacrifice others do not. They simply say: “I do not eat the food!” “No! Today you do not have time to get out! “,” I’m sorry, I do not have accommodations for guests! “, But rather insolent people express their positions, opinions and desires of others and without being asked , about others and their lives debate. Such statements bring it into “eat meat so much color to the clothes left.”, “Stop buying these shoes affordable, sees Pahat damage.” Or “What kind of house Wai verse! How do you mess this environment you live? “

انسانهای گستاخ

Rack people themselves are asked to sacrifice others do not

Sympathetic, not rude
Sympathetic people say: “Can we help you to make up this room?”

Rude people say: ‘contract lays on the sofa all day while I was working! It’s time to move on from your own laziness and bad shooting! “

Which of us can deny that we need to help those around us? We can not deny that with my wife at home and in the workplace does not Hsrman fellow colleagues in the workplace both without Nyazym? Many times we all need to take one hand and accompany us, but how much we do not reach that goal or not we can encourage others to volunteer for the association?

Perhaps the differences in communication skills and how to use words, body language or have expressed desires; these differences are created. If until now you have been able to encourage others to sympathy, look at your own behavior. Maybe it’s time to work on more your communication skills, sound and Lhntan time to speak out and even words that come out of your mouth, get more attention, more people know, so you can at the right time according to your wishes Rvhyatshan ask and perhaps be necessary to select the individuals that you associate with them and ask them to help you be more careful now.

Punctilious, not rude
Good to talk with someone sympathetic ear and then say: “That’s right! Of course you can look at this issue from another angle … “

Rude people say: “No, no it’s not! Why do you think? The truth is that … “

Your absence skilled in listening, not only a good speaker and discerning opportunities being taken from you, but rude to the person’s Tbdyltan. Most people are rude and value for things others want only speaker not care. They come in every single sentence people without good thing they see their words, only words of others to disagree with it. There was so much interest that break the data to appear wiser than others. Additional information is full of rude words and irrelevant to the argument that only to satisfy their sense of Khvdbrtrbyny be injected into the ears of the audience.

Humorous, not rude
Humorous people say: “Two hunters in the woods and that one of them fell on the floor, Bndamd breath and his eyes were turned upside down. The latter picked up the phone, called emergency services and told the operator: “My friend is dead! What do I do? “The operator said,” keep your cool and make sure you die first. “Suddenly, gunshots came, Hunter picked up the phone again and said:” I’m sure, now what do I do? “

Rude people say: “One day an American said to an Australian …”

None of the humor is not bad. Humorous people who come to Mass with them their happiness. Their presence infuses enough energy to gather that all are always looking forward to it. Even talking about these people, bring smiles to the lips of others, but you might be asking what the difference between humorous and irreverent.

Rude people, to laugh others of gender stereotypes, ethnicity and race use. They are not afraid to insult others and to laugh people do not recognize borders. Unpleasant and offensive words could become the pretext for their jokes and they are not afraid to offend those during the flirt.

Rock patient, not rude
Patient Stone said: “I know you’re in a good position! Your wife’s behavior is also more uncomfortable. But maybe you’d better wait at least tomorrow to decide this issue. “

Rude people say: “How is your husband off Tvnsth to say? If I were you I would go out of that house right now! “

If you say, “Put yourself in the shoes of others”, what comes to mind? We think the people who put themselves in the shoes of others, try to understand the feelings of the conditions and also understand their limitations. They issued a general warrant, others do not confuse rather than judge Khvbby be a good listener, but for bold and judge and judge of anything more convenient. They hear the hearts of people, not only them, but also the people around him, and if the narrator’s judgments and sentences that are recommended not work, he’s incompetent and ignorant evaluated.

Both of these guys have a good memory, but once again the joy of the Drddl or even sit before them, the past is not Rakhsh kill with the sword to harm their good memory and does not transfer to the speaker, but for bold and, refer to the past is a way to humiliate the other person. They always want the others to kill their right assessments and judgments and the exhumation of the old Drddl, to their wounds. They are good listeners and everything carefully to immerse themselves, but their hearing is not used to accompany the person, but also heard to have become a weapon to fight with others.

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