Why escape exercise?



1. I don’t have time

If you have the time to make it to the exhilaration and euphoria you assign or pay, or to watch the movie all day in your home furniture and trick to calm can test … we are sure that you can recover at least half an hour daily to assign your body it’s pretty good.


Why escape exercise?

2. exercising is boring
Exercising doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not that you go to the gym every day and every week old long dumbbell method. Exercising any type of physical effort that is health and fitness improves you.
A steep hike in the Park, play squash, yoga, water aerobics, going to the forest, the rhythmical movements of at least half an hour in your room, as the sport.

3. I do not take any results
If you wait for g of sour grape Halva; your body to normal flow a
If you are a student or you are a student, the student’s discount rated Stadium proposal. Join a club can help you to get rid of RID and have a double chin is not possible unless it is to spend a bit of your health.
5. I do not find the incentive there is a permanent need to time and you should have enough patience and time to it.


4. the membership in the Club is expensive
You will even find themselves a motivation not to; but when you exercise with the curves of your body becoming a get can be warm and affect the heart, and this is a great motivation in itself, creates you. When you exercise because it seemed younger, you feel more joy then this can also be a good motivation for exercising.
6. exercise can damage
Trainers are hired for a club because just because if you damage your back, legs and trampled, they are present. In the case of the body (the pain and injuries, of course), you can talk to your instructor.
7. I’m starting, but I abandoned
This issue, failing to control the mind and willpower you show. I suggest you initially practice focus and Android (meditation) because it helps you control your own willpower stronger and overcome this problem.
8. I sat start I
You usually make excuses before this weekend and during the week used. Your exercise sessions with this excuse to postpone run. this decision of when you think of health and a ride on the ship until a week exercising, motivated to eat you find trends.
Is it really from the start on Saturday (start) to start exercising?


9. I’m too old
Are you older than the Indian runner, which having over 100 years of age still remains a marathon runner? If not, then the hand of this excuses. Let me tell you that your exercising can make feel more youthful.
10. I am very obese
By saying this excuses do you have forgotten that the exercise leads to weight loss and fat burning, muscle taking shape? if it’s real because of the embarrassment of being obese can take that go out and this will make the excuse, please, faster start to exercise your limbs. the gym and other sports locations, the location is that obese individuals become lean for the far process, so, you are the only one that you are obese and You want to exercise.


11. exercise makes me hungry
Quite right, but if you want to lose your weight should be full meals to remove calories to your weight a little faster.
12. I can’t find my friend
The fact that you are still in search of a friend and you’re not alone can exercise means that you wait for the others could not wait for no one in the world.! The faster you understand it and it is better for her.
13. I don’t know how I exercise
Trainers at the gym and if you want to exercise in the home alone movies that in this field there can you help how to exercise.


Why escape exercise?

14. I’m too tired
Tired of being an excuse for not exercising. Fatigue, poor stamina and muscle strength and shows you daily exercise. helps stamina and muscle strength in you better be happy and your head is. The only reason that you take back your “keeps you». If you place your rise and go to the side of the sport is certainly very important and valuable results.

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