Why Angela Merkel for six consecutive years was the most powerful woman in the world?

Why Angela Merkel for six consecutive years was the most powerful woman in the world?


According to the World Economic Forum published a list that Angela Merkel Chancellor of Germany for the sixth time as the most powerful woman in the world.

Merkel, EP
Think of what has caused this 62-year-old politician for six years as the most powerful woman in the world when successive be
Angela Dorothea Merkel was born in Hamburg in 1954. His father is a pastor and his mother a teacher
Respectively. Shortly after his birth, his family immigrated to East Germany. At the time of study in high school,
Her good grades in different subjects, especially math and Russian language teachers ‘ attention.

angela merkele- most- powerful- woman
Qualification is not political in any field and he has a Ph.D. in physics section is read.
Shy girl Angela Merkel in childhood and has been gifted, but his desire to win was to make this his inherent predominance of an upper low.
He practiced with loud talk and instruct the teacher with the hard setting to express the opinion could have entered the competition with a friend.
At the time of break down of the Berlin wall in 1989 was Angela Merkel entered the world of politics
Angela Merkel as President of the Christian Democratic Union could Yu CD among Catholic men and trust them.
And this was the beginning for Angela Merkel to in 2005 as one of the 100 world’s economic 4 giant is selected and this is the main reason for being when the most powerful woman in the world as he is.
The leadership of the financial turmoil in Europe at the time, he led his country out of the economic recession and the lowest features the best opportunities to bring prosperity to the .
Her skill in crisis management is also an important factor in 2015 in the choice of the world’s most powerful woman, as she is she in the face of criticism at the time by saying that it is a historic test of the mouth and the opponents said closing the border does not solve the problem.
2015 negotiations with Ukraine and that is the only one that gets told Putin of his freewheeling account which of course bred endless links to Eastern European and Russian cultures being close to him and he knows exactly what
Negotiate with the Russians the way she talks is always a calm and balanced role and understands where the word to be able to change the result to your advantage.

angela merkel-potin
The reduction of working hours
The determination of the minimum wage to
The abolition of compulsory military service
Financial assistance to parents of children Angela Merkel compassionate and people-oriented policy, the sponsor has made
And no one even his enemies could not be the role of the woman in Germany, Europe, and even the world to ignore.

Why- angela- merkel- for- six -consecutive- years was the- most powerful- woman

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