When travel should know what things you need to travel

It is true! There are few days that go travel rid of the shackles of everyday life. Breakfast instead of lunch, dinner and late night eating little snacks forget to upside bring the story.On the other hand, as always Atvzdh you like to go out the door. So do not dress as you like!

Colors and colorful … all the clothes and scarves and pants that do not want to remove iron and go. But he should not forget the same. To make it easier to travel close and do not forget, this is the road map in your mind.

1. List
First of all you need to know what you need for the trip. Travel accessories for every type of trip is certainly different. So depending on the type of travel items list. This was not involved with the work of the mind and pen Nmyandazyd the case.

The trip is scheduled to be comfortable and worry wrinkled, no ironing, tight clothing, etc. Do not be sad. Choose clothes are where the possible so-called sport. Jeans, linen, coats convenient and simple, lightweight, cotton scarves, shoes, several pairs of cotton socks and a sun hat and sunglasses of major appliances journey. A number of style bag and a backpack for props for a walk by the sea when you go, for example, is sufficient.Remember this point, changeable spring weather. So passengers every region of the country you are, be sure to take your time with a piece of clothing for the heating season.Storm and lightning or flashes do not neglect the spring. Spring, is changing.

3-help laundry
The lighter you travel, you’re more comfortable. Do not forget this slogan. But these devices are also part of the necessary equipment. What cosmetic and personal items for the ladies and gentlemen removal is necessary. So try to make sure these items with you.

Kطریقه چیدن وسایل سفر در ماشین

Choose clothes are going to travel where the possible so-called sports
4-suites luxury
Is it possible without favorite music, Czech mobiles news from friends and probably gathering in Khvshgzrand destination? So should these things with you. Phone, mobile charger, tablet charger, handsfree, plug, interface, multiple custom CDs, a book leaves little moments that you might want to check out the literature and have a look at this book.

5. Foods
If you travel with a tour that we know what that is. No need to take food and pots and Dygbr. But if your own personal villa or villas friends and acquaintances to go, make sure your device with you. Food for the journey and the destination. It is better for your simple sandwiches such as chicken, pork, Coco and … fun. Add the sauce to the food not of the sandwiches would not be affected. Fruit, healthy drinks like mineral water, snacks like raw nuts, tea, simple and without cream and biscuit … also with you. Taking the Mvadavlyhay such as fish, poultry, meat and foods that may damage them, do not.
6. Cases for documents
Make sure the travel documents you need. Do not be afraid to get lost him, choose small bags and all documents such as national ID card, birth certificate, certificate, card services, insurance, ATM card, passport, etc. inside it. At the time of going out is better to leave it in the hotel safe.
7. food ingredients
Water bottle with clean water, Thermos of hot water, a packet of tea bags, candy, cumin, dates, sugar with you.

Kطریقه چیدن وسایل سفر در ماشین

Travel Hnkam going to be a bottle of water with you
8. Toolbox
Mounting raw materials needed for repairs car and vehicles. But if you feel something is low, before moving bought it and put inside the vehicle. Make sure the spare wheel from being windy. A water bottle Bottle Labeling Machine and chains together with you.
9. First Aid
Even if you’re very quiet still likely to be injured, God forbid, there. So as much as you need and no more, first aid kit contains bandages, cotton, iodine, alcohol, white, rubber band, sterile gauze, cold medicine, anti-diarrhea and nausea, cough syrup, syrup treat colic and a packet of tablets insecticides and the device with you.

10. Map
Most cell phones have GPS software. But it is better to have a map with you. So if you’re traveling by car, worried about running out of battery and you will not be wandering stay on track. Besides the fact that in some maps have marked the path home centers. So you can see the sights Msyrhm.

11. Gift
If people go home from this adventure you should not neglect. So do not buy it for the last minute. Do not pack it. A week before the holiday gift buying and gift-wrap the opportunity.The night before the journey as it is the handbag or suitcase Let us not forget.




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