What teeth with jaundice?



According to jam online, we have two series of dental discoloration. Some of the external factors that affect tooth colored materials such that a person can help, such as the consumption of coffee, tea and tobacco-colored particles contained in them, which over time leads to discoloration of teeth and to resolve them (color change) of mass measurements. We change the color of a series in which substances that cause a discoloration of the teeth have been the internal tissue of the teeth penetrate and cause discoloration of teeth. This mode does not improve the measurement of mass, and should use that material to penetrate inside the teeth causing teeth whitening that we say it means bleaching oxygen and people say it out to the public.

What teeth with jaundice?
What teeth with jaundice?

Factors that influence into the tissue of the tooth and to change the color of the teeth are what leads?

Some external factors. As well as taking some medications in childhood lead to discoloration of the teeth. On the other hand, with increasing age is also the color of yellow teeth. Of course, these are the items that can be used with fix means bleaching oxygen. In the case of the tetracycline drugs can change color hitting example.

Does tetracycline cause tooth decay can progress?


Change the color of teeth just cause beauty is sometimes or it can represent a particular phenomenon?

We will in some cases, specific teeth that have changed color, i.e. it is affected by factors, change the color of teeth has found that this case should be investigated. In such cases, perhaps the need to treat the root exists. Infection may also exist in the area. Usually the front teeth in the individual mode. Maybe a few years ago also affected teeth hitting and the person is not noticed it and over time, the nerve of the tooth missing.


Do you believe it is true that it can be used with two tablespoons of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide 5% water and Mint stuffing that work off just bleach do it?

Medical and dental science in materials scientifically prepared for this are recommended. There may be some temporary tooth colored materials generally clear, but their persistence is not reliable. Materials that are either through the abrasion of teeth, they create makes will be a white teeth that make use of these very not recommended.

White toothpaste to a few for the Act?

This type of toothpaste to two faces. Some of them are of the abrasive material and due to abrasion that makes teeth white, that is not useful. Because some of the tooth surfaces wear suffered. As well as toothpaste are inside they are; bleach compounds of the same materials that dentists to work, but with a lower concentration. Lacquers and labels for teeth whitening made these on the surface of the teeth do not have a negative effect on his shelf. It may be white, but very soon the tooth color to its previous state.

What teeth with jaundice?
What teeth with jaundice?

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