What size is a useful body for sleep?


Dr. faezeh Tatar said the scientific definition of sleep is that if a person in it than to environmental stimuli is less knowledge, but because of the flexibility that is a quick back it can be out of the coma.

Pointing to different people need to sleep, noted: this needs depending on age, gender, genetics, and the characteristics of the individual are different, but the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep in people day and night.

What size is a useful body for sleep?

According to the specialist, it is possible some people six or even 12 hours a day and sleeping problems for them.

Tatar of sleep as one of the most important human behaviors and the continued denial of any individual can not sleep more than three or four days.

He reiterated: why the creatures sleep, still much remains a mystery, but the possibility of the involvement of the day and night cycle in the incidence of sleep there.

This is a psychiatrist with stating a third of the people are suffering from some sort of sleep disorders, the disorder caused by the recall: mental illness, physically, everyday problems and individual concerns. Sometimes that can be dangerous consequences and side effects.

Tatar is the most important way to reduce the sleep health sleep disorders follow.

He continued: it’s time to sleep is very important and must be neatly for sleeping time, in addition to sleeping people also must be marked and people from sleeping in the another place apart from your sleep rather than abstain.

These specialist mental illnesses, eating heavy dinners, including the reasons for some of the sleep disorders and advised people to eat dinner style.

What size is a useful body for sleep?

Tatar is also the role of physical activity in improving sleep quality point and noted: to make people have a better sleep, it is recommended to exercise the countryside.


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