light colors
Avoid screaming colors and designs. The more reliable models and colors such as blue, blue navy, dark gray, cream use. Classic Wear appropriate clothing in all sizes. You do not want to crowd you draw extra attention. (And nothing more than a green phosphor laptop does not draw attention to you.)

We wear black at funerals and funeral in the West, but in parts of Asia Za dress is white. In addition, avoid wearing black or blue in Central Africa is the favorite color of tsetse flies great.

If you visit a factory or a rural area or a tourist spot that locals are wearing jeans after wearing jeans okay. The jeans you wear should be appropriate to its size and smooth dark blue or black clothing, even better to use. Baggy trousers, ragged, and even tight capri outside of America is not very good.

Are you sure summer bags to Europe colitis? So definitely a big bag of wheeled suitcases on the train ride and better mileage. But a bag with you another example, a small cloth bag for daily navigation in the city. Any type of bag, big or small you mark off tourists.

Take a photo and leave your camera. It represents nothing more than a tourist’s camera is constantly hanging around your neck. Not only paintings but also you will be the prey of thieves. A good camera with you that it will be placed in bags.

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