5. It is our fear that we want to be loved and want us everywhere. This is a huge desire to be among those who allow us to stay where we are. This fear can be a serious threat when it comes to a high level of success.

At least a few billion people on the planet are thinking that money is bad, rich people are bad, and poverty is a matter of spirituality. If those who love you have this thought, you should probably have some of these considerations and fears to succeed. When you find the truth that those who really love you want the best things for you, you will eliminate this fear and leave yourself free to get what you want. Unless you suffer from another matter …

6. You do not have the knowledge and skills you need:

You should not be ashamed of this. The only thing that can make you embarrassed is staying in this position. There are at least ten million skills that you can easily get by searching them on YouTube.

There are millions of other skills that you can get through video clips, tutorials and articles on websites, books, and other resources. Almost today, all human knowledge can be obtained by searching the Internet.

7. Contrary to the idea that you had in the past 15 minutes, it is possible to achieve success. Because now you can stop being victimized and blaming the externals.You can check your beliefs and see where your habits come from and recognize what skills or knowledge you need to gain.

Now, to eliminate the factors that make you fail, and to achieve your goals, you need to answer only one question: How can I be a better person?

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