How can the group be useful to me when problems are different?

Each individual is unique, and therefore his interests are unique. However, we share a lot of human beings (we all start developing in families, we all respond in a way to blows, we all basically have the ability to grow and change the same And our experiences suggest that although the problems people come in with may be different, but the underlying causes of these problems are often the same.

The underlying cause of our problems in life is rooted in the patterns and habits that we learned during growth and are not currently effective in our current affairs or cause us to backward. (For example, the family may have taught us to avoid showing certain forms of emotional expression, but now that we face the natural pressures of adult life, repressed feelings result from this avoidance of symptoms such as depression, anxiety or The radical reaction is raised in us.) The purpose of counseling is to learn about habits and emotional and behavioral patterns and how they play their role in problems. As a result, we can learn new habits and behaviors that will help us succeed.

Although it seems weird to think that we do not know things about ourselves, but experiences show that many of our problematic habits and behaviors are the things we do in our lives, but they have become so self-contained that We can not even think that they may be the result of learning and optional. The group provides special conditions for understanding and learning about ourselves, others and us in relation to others. As a result, we are able to work more effectively in our relationships with others as well as with ourselves outside the group. The therapy group gives us the opportunity to use helpful observations and others’ support for understanding and changing lifestyles.


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