What problems can be treated with the treatment group?

Problems and problems that can be addressed through the use of a therapeutic group include a wide range of issues, including self-concept problems, lack of sense of identity, self-esteem, and purpose. Symptoms such as anxiety, mental depression, poor performance, ineffective treatment of psychological stress, emotional problems, inability to express importance, inability to control emotions, aggression, inappropriate social relationships, discomfort in the assembly, inability to trust others, dependence Severe to others, excessive expression, inability to communicate with the opposite sex, addiction, women’s problems such as disputes and disputes of spouses, etc. The characteristics of those who are under the treatment group should be motivated, desire to change And in pursuit of this goal. Entry into the group therapy program should be voluntary and the patient should not be forced to recommend to friends and relatives and psychotherapists to do so. The patient should believe in the treatment group and consider it a proper and appropriate treatment. He believes that the group fulfills his needs and is useful. Since the group therapy is essentially a verbal process, the patient must have verbal and conceptual skills. In the treatment group for highly depressed patients, patients with acute schizophrenia, paranoid personality disorder, severe schizoid disorder, community-centered personality disorder, people with sickness and personality disorder are enthralled if the long-term therapeutic group can not be useful. .

جلسه گروه درمانی

Regular use of groups in psychotherapy is a relatively new phenomenon

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