What is stress? how we live with stress?




Emotional stress is that when you lose, that’s more pressure than what you have on you to make it a habit. When you suffer from stress, the body begins to secrete a hormone that raises the heart-pounding speeds, your breathing is faster and gives you more energy. Some types of normal stress and even beneficial, and without it you have no incentive to do activities. Some believe this kind of stress to human life and without it is meaningless. But if stress is more than our physical and mental life and is impressed with Mara, the evil or the stress reducer called.

If the stress is too much for you or is it happens long term, this type of stress can be from bad types of stress. This type of stress can be a headache, stomach discomfort and difficulty in sleeping, together. As well as this type of stress can make you weak immune system and fight hard for your disease. In addition, if you already are a problem with disease or stress may make it worse. Stress can make you depressed, upset or even sensitive

What is stress? how we live with stress?


The stress factor or stress?

Stress or stress factor, a factor that can act as a stimulant and causes you stress to the NIT. Feel the stress of being under pressure, while stress is a factor in us creates stress and be in our living environment. Increase the speed of the car or even go out of the House all can, stress. Generally (not always) the more we stress factor or stress we faced, we feel more stress.


Derro reaction?
Part of our response to physical stress and physical state affects us. When we encountered a threat or danger, our free materials to protect our power (now or escape as quickly or fight the greatest possible) of ourselves. For example, when you are at home and an earthquake occurs, with most getting the level of these chemicals your body faster than always acted faster and you can go out and get out or take your family, and your family to save lives.

What is stress? how we live with stress?

Our body’s nervous system reactions to the derro are a stressful event. In this reaction of our body chemical cortisol, Adrenaline and generate more adrenaline light that causes an increase in heart rate, tight muscles, sweating and increased level of consciousness and all this to us to protect ourselves in a dangerous position. At the time of the reaction of the body that another derro performance at that moment is not required, reducing activity (such as gastrointestinal or immune system) and all the required actions on the body, such as resources, increase the speed of the blood flow, breathing, consciousness and the power of the muscles can be focused.


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