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What hairstyle suits your face

What hairstyle suits your face

● For Rhombus
In this type of case, small forehead and wide cheekbones and eyes area and a narrow Chin. You must choose a haircut that is narrower the cheekbones and forehead and jaw width effect more Comment Let’s.

What- is- appropriate -hairstyles-
▪ The proposed model hair: asymmetric models are the best option. If the difference between the head of the open sides, the hair must be screwed into the sides and bangs and Chin hair thickener in most areas and the height of the hair to the middle of the neck.
● For square shape
Forehead and jaw line, square in the face, Chin and cheekbones and wide, angled and wide;
So should be selected so that the hair style for longer, more drawn and displayed.

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▪ The proposed model hair: in this case also, the asymmetrical haircut is the best. The difference between the open side, but the fringe hair is optional. Should the maximum difference between the temporalis and thickener in the hair of the head. In fact, the length of the hair to the Chin.

● Rectangular face
The width and the width of the forehead, Chin and cheeks is the same face, lean and stretched. People who have to face this form, if you should try to form shorter and wider effects.
▪ The proposed model of symmetrical or asymmetrical hair: it can be the most bangs hair thickener is optional but should in the sides of the head. Also, the height of the hair is short and has a height of the Chin.
● If the triangle shape
The forehead is the most narrow part of the heart-shaped face and vice versa model, to more gradually to the cheek and Chin are going, w they more; must try the frontal width and the width of the Chin and cheeks.

What- is- appropriate- hairstyles
▪ The proposed model of symmetrical or asymmetrical hair: still not important; being hairstyles should listen more and upward Thick and the area gradually towards the narrow neck and neck. The following is the thickener ear have.
The height of the hair in this model also has a Chin.

● Oval face
In this model, the Chin slightly narrower than forehead and prominent cheekbones that for the sake of symmetry and proportion, most face shape to Ideal. Any type of haircut as well as for the faces.

What- is- appropriate -hairstyles2
● Round face
The length and width of the face are almost equal and angles slightly. Must try for narrower and your More drawn sound effects.
▪ The proposed model of the asymmetrical hair, hair: choose the best case possible. The greatest difference in the thickener
Broad forehead and Chin lift:
When you gather under the Chin. So that makes it fit for you. As well as hair bangs
Can be suitable for covering a broad forehead.

What- is- appropriate- hairstyles-everywhere-info

Pink with huge members:
If a member of your face such as the nose is huge, with this feature you can keep trimmed hair thickener. weave together to clear this option. The difference between the filter from the middle of the hair have been opened that makes it seem more bold nose. This topic is true about long bangs.
If you have a short neck, their hair gathered up more your neck.
And your neck has a height of half-models and also book your hair open eats short but always make sure your hair should be at least the size up to the edge of the shoulder.

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