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The trouble that could be a trip to your taste bitter. No matter passenger train, or with your own car or even bus and plane travel. Either way trip takes you to me!

Motion sickness
Motion sickness or motion sickness, which also called for Eclipse, a common disease which causes sickness during the trip, especially vomiting. The disease is caused by unusual movements of traveling by car, plane, boat or train is created.

This unusual movements that are constantly going on during travel, causing disruption of middle ear fluid and to send signals to the brain when the person feels loss of balance, lack of security, the nausea and vomiting.

Other common symptoms of motion sickness by which it can be detected, sweating, increased saliva flow, headache, chills and is pale.

Sometimes in severe cases of anxiety, a strong smell of food or gasoline or even reading a book or map can also be a trigger motion sickness. It is more commonly seen in children as well as women. More children are treated as adults, but many adults suffer from motion sickness during travel. By doing preventive work to prevent this disease and injury in addition to a good trip alongside experienced fellow traveler.

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