Ways to treat dry skin



A specialist in traditional medicine to some of the ways to treat dry skin through traditional medicine in the fall and winter pointed and said, peppermint, basil, Chamomile, Rosemary, spinach, and thyme, including plants that are to soften the skin, can use them.


Ways to treat dry skin


Ali Hosseini about ways to treat dry skin with the use of traditional medicine said some plants and herbs to alleviate skin dryness are Mint, for example, application due to having anti-inflammatory properties itching and dryness of the skin go away. He continued, Basil and Lak fix also for skin conditions and is effective antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.


This traditional medicine expert said Rosemary plant with antiseptic properties of blood flow in the blood capillaries that improves skin’s recently recommended. Hosseini said the plant thyme to a strong antibacterial herb is famous for dealing with acne and eczema is useful and infectious taking it in the fall and winter season is recommended. He said it is also taking Chamomile with anti-fungal properties, emollient cleansing is one of the best herbs to deal with inflammation and calm the skin.



This traditional medicine expert added: as well as the use of some natural masks for dry skin treatment mask application, honey and almond oil is one of them. To prepare this mask should be 2 to 3 tbsp natural honey with 3 to 4 tablespoons sweet almond oil mixture and warm up a little * heat., then a very small amount of Chamomile to it. This mask must dry areas on the skin for 30 minutes.


Ways to treat dry skin


Hosseini said the treatment for dry skin in the fall and winter should be the fruits of this season were, for example, help can be reached for the preparation of persimmon skin mask on this. a tablespoon of olive oil with persimmon mixture and on the skin can be.

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