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 ways to fragrant summer home


5 ways to fragrant summer home


Here are a few simple and natural method has been brought to your home scented.


5 ways to fragrant summer home
Make spray


Making a homemade spray is very simple. A spray bottle with a cup of distilled water and a few drops of scented oils fill to add it, such as lavender and citrus.


A solid perfume to hang


Not only look up to this wax, scent is pleasant, but it’s also great in the summer.


Waters off the paper napkins
You have candles that are to be used in the bath you know. But it is with a few drops of essential oils within the paper napkins. smells of Orange, lemon and Sage for the novelty and freshness bath air are excellent.


Making a fragrant bouquet
If you have a bunch of weed-like plant got it to connect your refrigerator or freezer, and to add the aromatic fragrances. I got your plants in a glass of water and put Bowie home space excellent. economic crisis to change glasses of water.


Scented coffee seeds to use new


If you are a coffee fan can make use of the coffee at home for their own unique aromas. A small bowl with fresh or used its fill and let the scents on the Cabinet coffeehouse atmosphere.
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