Water cooling is lighthearted and watermelon





Watermelon has the gall and anti-gout. Watermelon is a fruit and veg is, in fact, has both properties and rich in beta-carotene and cancer.
Per 100 g of watermelon, there is a melon, 21 calories 12 calories, contrary to what is common in the Persian adage that says now that the thought of a water melon bread, this fruit is fattening and indulge in it brings sugar disease.

Iran has been that the future of the birthplace of the old component order. Watermelon juice, water, heat and a lighthearted drink is physiological. Useful for any age and Guevara and compatibility. 95% of the weight of the water-melon, but it is rich in potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, zinc, nickel, sugar and crap.


Water cooling is lighthearted and watermelon


According to Brenna; cantaloupe, melons are also properties and just in terms of the amount of sugar. Watermelon high officials involved in feeding in hot time of the year.
Since these fruits to stimulate bile should not be a bar to be eaten large amounts, especially in the case of melons, cantaloupe. In the meantime, that the stomach and intestines will have the disorder.
Watermelon and other fruits of this family, you should only and no other food is eaten. Indulge in eating melon and sweet melon can be the agent of the disease to be sugar.

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