Watch out for the sheets to be moisturizing



A pathologist from the social buy sheets addictive moisturizers on the market and said: women and girls be careful new animal drug mafia. Dr. Majid abhari said recently with regard to the expansion of the police fight drug traffickers, the drug mafia with their tactics and instead proceeded to the production and supply of new items with false advertising.

He said: one of the items of paper napkins moisturizer for skin rejuvenation and refreshment it is provided by the vendors in buses, subway, and traffic-filled places and promoting women.


Watch out for the sheets to be moisturizing


Abhari stated: “with moisturizing wipes alia¬Ľ that face to face with the activities supplied by vendors not only cause skin rejuvenation is not but also by creating industrial drug addiction causes numerous diseases will also be.



This emphasized the social pathologist: this cloth after use creates addiction twice and have my “drug of the amphetamine derivatives are Elsie initially wipes with a cheap price is between 12 to 15 dollars can be sold and then later to create a package 200 dollars as well.

Abhari said, according to the risks and side effects of using these napkins are necessary to inform girls and young women to the dangers of using it for women and girls, can be an effective step in the prevention and countermeasures.


Watch out for the sheets to be moisturizing

The professor pointed out that per pack 10 PCs an addictive wipes, said: in the past drug mafia in the form of chewing gum and chocolate action to supply the drugs, which are identified and introduced and fails, but were this time with the intention of making the supply of contaminated tissue are girls and young women.

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