Lipstick, the first and most important tool is known cosmetics and women has been used to date.

History dates back to ancient Egypt using lipstick, when the parade of red henna or squashing cockroaches, ants or small insects called Carmine Cochineal and have obtained.

Every girl memory of his mother sit at a desk and using cosmetics makeup, especially lipstick is. Daily lipstick on the lips of many women sits for a long time. But never have thought about the ingredients in lipstick?

Apart from common ingredients, depending on the brand of their lipstick or different chemical are made of natural materials.

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● ingredients parade lips

The amount of each of these materials in the manufacture of lip parade is different, but the main ingredients of lipstick are as follows:

Wax: Wax for a lot of that is, as the former is used in the parade lips. A combination of three sealing lips can be found in the parade. Beeswax, vegetable wax and wax Karnaba Kndlyla from the leaves of Brazilian palm wax is used and more expensive than others.Labia that contain larger amounts of wax is Karnaba parade, parade lips are more expensive than others.

Oil: Castor oil, oil, lanolin and mineral oil used in the preparation parade lips. The cocoa butter is the ingredient parade.

Wax and oil from the lipstick ingredients, and about 60 percent of their weight are included.

Dyes and pigments depending on color parade are different, and are prepared from plant material or equipment.

Freshener: To transfer a pleasant scent, are used in small amounts.

Alcohol is used as a solvent, wax and oil.

Preservatives and antioxidants order to keep it fresh and prevent spoilage used early.

Apart from the absorbent material in the manufacture parade may be from natural ingredients like vitamin E, jojoba oil, sunflower oil, chamomile or pigments such as turmeric, beetroot and so forth.

● toxic substances found in some lip parade

FDA Food and Drug Administration of America strict regulations on the use of lead in cosmetics, especially in lip parade, has set. Standard parade lips and high-quality ingredients are high, but the following compounds are included in the inferior lipstick:

Lead: Lead in the event of unauthorized use of the toxic side effects in combination parade and folded its lips, infertility, anemia, mental retardation and cancer.

Coal tar: Red is used as a pigment for coloring parade. The mixture is toxic if ingested can cause nausea, headache and skin irritation.

Carmine: natural color carmine beetles which is obtained by boiling and the main cause of skin irritations and allergies.

Lake colors: Use water-soluble colors lake caused by chemical reactions or plants and stones in rivers have arisen.

This type of color is very toxic and carcinogenic obtained from sources that can irritate the skin and cause skin cancer.

Air freshener: This type of perfumes due to their chemical composition, can be inflamed, causing dryness and cracking lips.

Based on the statistics collected, regardless of skin absorption of cosmetics, women in their lives about 2 kg lipstick swallow the lung and breast cancer risk in women increases dramatically.

Now that the ingredients lip lipstick realize, extra rigor in the selection and choose lipstick lip as possible containing natural ingredients and toxins in it can not be used.

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