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Warning signs of cancer growth in your body




According to the Health Department of the era, disease typically has a series of early signs and accordingly, the answer to the test before the acquisition to reach its intended response can use these cues to detect the faster to use. To listen carefully to your body because the more useful tips to identify cases of some diseases such as cancer puts at your disposal. Continue on with some early signs that can indicate cancer, are more familiar.

Wheezing/shortness of breath

Lung cancer patients shortness of breath as one of the early signs of the disease have been reported, but in the beginning, it’s not cancer-related.

Frequent fever or infection

Frequent fevers and infections, including symptoms of blood cancer, leukemia, blood from the bone marrow begins. This type of cancer to the bone marrow makes abnormal white blood cells that produce the body’s ability to fight infections reduces.

Difficulty in swallowing

Trouble in swallowing of the common symptoms associated with throat cancer, but it can be a good indicator for lung cancer as well.


Weakness and fatigue

One of the most common symptoms of cancer that must be combined with other signs about the review to identify the type of cancer.

The feeling of satiety and the inability to eat

This can be a symptom of ovarian cancer. Loss of appetite intact even when you have something for a while, a sign of the disease.


Anorexia can be early signs of pancreatic cancer. The feeling of a sudden hatred of coffee or cigarettes can be associated with this issue.
Physical changes are visible

Anal bleeding or blood in the stool

One of the common symptoms of colon cancer. Blood in the stool is a sign of a serious and should consult a physician.

A lump in the neck, armpits, or groin

Swollen glands are a sign of the changes in the lymphatic system that can lead to cancer.

Bruising or excessive bleeding unstoppable

Logo of the unusual status of platelet and blood are red blood cells, which can be a symptom of leukemia. Cancer cells are red blood cells to the blood under pressure and disrupt the body’s ability to carry oxygen and lead to the formation of blood clots.

Abdominal bloating or weight gain

Ovarian cancer patients without bloating because suddenly formed and continues a significant period of time have reported.


Lose weight without reason

One of the early signs of colon cancer and other cancers of the digestive tract. It is also a sign of the spread of cancer to the liver, which is considered the body’s ability to ward off the appetite and waste material influences.

Red, swollen or painful breasts

Signs of inflammatory breast cancer and unreasonable changes must be shared among the doctor quickly. If you need to change the shape of the breast of any consideration.

Swelling of face members

Cancer patients, puff, swelling, or redness evident if you have reported. Small tumors of the lung blood vessels in the chest to block and prevent the circulation of blood to the head freely.

Warning signs of cancer growth in your body

Pain/lump on the skin that bleed, crust-like or improve not

Different types of cancer (melanoma, basal cell carcinoma, and squamous cell carcinoma) can lead to this condition. Hence, any changes in your skin a weird note.

Changes in the nails

The point of brown/black under nails can be a sign of skin cancer. The colorless or white point can be a sign of liver cancer. Get nail clubbing can be a sign of lung cancer.





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