Very suitable for dry, oily makeup



As the age goes higher, as if my hormones are crazy. My skin is a lot of electricity. How to be on the powder without being forced to face the overall face didn’t make this rescue mode? Do beauty there that will absorb the oil and this bad?
Re Bobby Brown:
Skin care the austerity budget was again put up to make sure that a suitable cleaner and lotions. For oily skin, I use a special gel cleanser and following it with a gel State controller for its power and handling the jelly – if largely destroys-I used. Both of these are acted like a strong absorber of oil and fat and your face.
Look for lotions that lack any kind of fat and a powder suitable for the whole day. To escape from this fat, the skin of the powder makeup stabilization. for the use of these powders do all their makeup first and then the powder on the face of this watch that fat and high power for.


Very suitable for dry, oily makeup


If you have fat skin with problems in your face makeup are involved, to resolve the problems associated with the moon.

When it comes to oily skin makeup would be a suitable way to find makeup for a matte and transparent skin having a little hard!

1-every morning and before any makeup must your skin with the gel cleanser for oily skin and of course the ones that impact on your skin and wash after wash plugged with additional water on a soft towel to get your skin.

2-in the next step with a toner for oily skin and with the help of some cotton, complete the cleanup operations. Cotton dipped in toner on all drag and your face a 5-minute wait. A toner in addition to clear debris washing gel to fix and removed dead cells from the skin can help.




3-before and after makeup completes the necessary amount of cleanup operations of a conditioner for oily skin and massages it on your skin to the skin.

4. the use of cosmetic products which is the best formula for oily skin.

5-special cream before makeup with cushion. Especially the fatty areas of the T-shaped area, foreheads like your skin, Chin, and nose. A far-reaching, life shelf life of makeup on the skin is more oily areas shine and helps prevent.


Very suitable for dry, oily makeup


6-how much is any matte makeup after the passage of time, the fatty parts of your skin to glow mode. A good solution is that of fat stuck napkins to use cosmetics. Open them. A little on the fatty parts of the press, and on your face. These napkins are easily added fat on the skin.


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