Uses of fruit in the beauty




● Apples:
Apple Juice especially for fighting wrinkles is very suitable. Can use morning and night facial skin on the neck and gently massage. But, of course, must be carefully stated that due to the risk of oxidation of water just before use, prepare the fruit. To complete this procedure, you can each week from the mask of baked apples in milk. After you cook the apples warm, crushes on the skin.

Uses of fruit in the beauty

To relieve inflammation of the eyelids and relax tired eyes can find a few wedges to put directly on the new position. Of course, this work should be carefully washed for removing wrinkles can provide the following ways and lotion to work. About 15 days to take a brief wash in water mixed with alcohol.

● Orange:
To close open pores and smooth skin, thin orange slices can be used on oily skin. This mask should keep about half an hour, and preferably in the long relaxation.
Also add rose water to orange juice to the extent of one-third its size, a good astringent lotion.
As well as in providing oral health of facial skin is orange, 15 to 20 minutes on the effect of the facial skin. This action causes the rest of the skin and the prohibition of the emergence of wrinkles and for providing the health of it.

● Susan:
Susan onion in removing wrinkles. 15 g of water Lily bulbs, put together two tablespoons of honey and wax your weight white water. Apply to your face before sleeping.
● Hock:
From the leaves of the plant for skin irritation and provide relief Hock softens it to different forms are used. One of the ways the simple preparation of brewed from a handful of leaves in a liter of boiling water. (Of course, it’s not time to BREW to exceed 10 minutes).
For the comfort and softness of delicate and sensitive skin can be facial skin and even the eyelids with a solution that will be prepared to work through the following range: a fistful of leaves into Hock for 10 minutes in a boiling water to brew. For freshness and treat sunburn, can be used to burn on the positions of the lotion which can be prepared as follows: 50 g of root in one liter of water and boil.
● Papaver:
Another beauty along with plants such as Sage, for making the cream for maintaining and modifying the oily skin to work. Hot brewed 15 petals in half a liter of water to form a smooth and a good lotion to keep skin cool. As well as for relaxing tired eyes or irritated very handy.

Uses of fruit in the beauty

● The grapes:
A cluster of grapes by hand and if the morning and night for compresses the skin for your skin, juicy and bright. Of course, this water should be prepared just before use. After ten minutes that remain on the skin, to help the rain water or water-mineral water.
As well as grape juice rubbed into the skin and then dry it with some water, tepid little content which is bicarbonate facial wash that this action causes skin refreshing, refreshing whites.

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