Use Yoga exercises for gastrointestinal health




Some of the barriers to healthy bowel movement are as follows:
Unhealthy eating
Shrinking body of water
Insufficient fiber intake
Inadequate or lack of mobility activities

Use Yoga exercises for gastrointestinal health

Here are some quick tips for improving bowel that exists are as follows:
Avoid overeating

Increase the consumption of water and natural liquids
Increase fiber intake, such as bran
Eat dinner early, at least two hours of good
Are you from the gas inside your stomach you are suffering? In this case, as you suggest, to learn yoga.
Yoga for fitness and relaxation is useful and today the benefits of this exercise in the health of the digestive system and relieves intestinal gas and bloating also turned out to be.

Yoga strengthens the muscles and central nervous system and increases relaxation of blood flow and oxygen to the organs.
Since that part of the Act of digestion in the body under the influence of stress and the amount of physical activity, people with Yoga exercise can affect your colon.
The movements of the sitting, standing, sleeping, and reverse rotational, irritates the bowels.
Abdominal stretch, stretch the back and sides of the body, increases blood flow and improves deep breathing.

Here are a few examples of different moves that help express the digestion:
1. forward bend
Forward bending and pressure to your belly.
When you return from the bent condition, blood and oxygen to the digestive organs, new looks.

2-rotation are sitting
While sitting, up your trunk to rotate left and right.
This situation is to control the gas and bloating stomach is very useful.

This move is always from left to right to aid digestion has rotated.
This move also causes stomach discomfort and gas pain relief.
Typically the movements of Yoga should be 30 to 60 seconds until you reach the desired stretch and flexibility of your body will be much

Use Yoga exercises for gastrointestinal health

4-Drag within the ego and your hands above your head and then you exhale. your hands to your sides and bottom side.

5-your hands above your head and ought to keep.
Up your trunk to the right side and drag your breath for 5 seconds. Then return to the initial state. After this time, up your trunk to the left side and drag your breath for 5 seconds.

6-your feet ought to together.
From the hips and bent his face in front of the lower leg.
Get your hands on the side of your feet, on the ground.

7. sit on the ground and his legs are sticking together and pull in front of her.
Slowly bend forward with your friends and your legs.





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