Urinary problems with this herb





The formation of kidney stones and urinary tract:
By increasing the flow of urine from the initial core is formed and the enlargement of small stones can be prevented.

Diuretic: due to the existence of a strong diuretic for high potassium.

Prostate size reducer: there is more due to the herbal Castrol nettle root is reduced prostate size.

Analgesic: caustic effects through the mechanism of nerve stimuli with diversion reduces pain.


Urinary problems with this herb


Kidney stones: with the increase of urine formation and enlargement of urinary tract stones stop and facilitate disposal of small stones. {Auxiliary (oral)}

Inflammation of the urinary tract: with the increasing dilution of the urine leads to reduce the irritation of the urinary tract. {Auxiliary (oral)}

Arthritis: topical and stimulating increased blood supply causes the pain temporarily. {(Topical) help}

Urinary tract infections: increase the amount of urine excreted urine concentration reduction of infections cause faster and reduce urinary burning ten

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