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Healthy  family unhealthy  family



Healthy vs. unhealthy family family


A healthy family is often a positive choices in all aspects of life. But an unhealthy family most of the time the choices are wrong. It is the result of problems in the family or dismantled.


Healthy vs. unhealthy family family
Healthy and unhealthy family conflict
Each group of people  even a family – need a leader. In the family of the leader of the parents. Healthy family time with their children inside or outside the home and are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities like sports or also have social activities. They encourage their children to talk about their feelings. Unhealthy families involved in parental behavior are often critical. To each other, and children’s disrespect and in terms of hardware support.


Healthy activities
Healthy family


One way that parents can take time with their children in healthy activities with the company. Families that have healthy activities these activities have a profound impact on the health of the family in Australia. Cycling, sports or swim out of the House and not only physically hold the family healthy in terms of positive impact, but also mental. An unhealthy family being busy with computer games, tv or in the Internet gradually from the time away.


Family function


Healthy family
When family members work together more and more household chores will be done on a regular basis. For example, all housework, preparing meals and taking the decisions of the company. Working to form a group with a positive and effective conversations as well. If the family next work together to have a conversation as well as better able to manage life’s difficult circumstances, such as financial difficulties and disputes can be solved better. In contrast, in families who do not speak together individual may ultimately suffer from problems such as drug use or depression and isolation.


Healthy prevention


Healthy family
A chain ghdrtsh is the size of the power of the weakest connection in it. The family is also the same. A family should make sure all members of your care. Regular check-up, eat well and exercise to better mental States can be members and each Member helps with full power along with other family members. The daily exercise of their family members who are doing better about themselves will have the sense that this will be a happier family. Planning on having the time to allow the opportunity for being together and it’s all happy and strong. Help for psychological problems or problems of course makes a stronger relationship between family members.


Healthy potential
Healthy family
Keep the members together more target families. If you have a  family or everything to end fights or members do not want to do things together you can have better relations and to strengthen ties to anyone the chance to give up against your opinions and thoughts expressed. A healthy family life as well as your other members involved and supportive of the timeless. The importance of giving emotional, social and spiritual needs of other people is not necessary for long-term success.
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