Treatment of gum

Treatment of gum

– Wash eyes with boiled water and warm as well.

– to clean the eye with a cotton ball or a cloth soaked in warm water and taken its water, gently wipe the gum.

– If you have an eye infection, antibiotic eye drops or oral antibiotics need to be monitored by a medical eye.

– Wash the eyes with boiled water and warm as well.

– under the supervision of an ophthalmologist with the administration of the night ointment tetracycline eye to the eyes Apply in the morning after a warm compress, eyelids with baby shampoo wash and for a limited period of time (about two weeks) drops antibiotics, use three times a day.


– If the discharge from the eye, infectious, you can not affect others. After his towel off and always wash your hands and your clothes carefully.

– If allergies or substance causing eye infections child, try to avoid these substances.

If chemical is splashed in eyes, immediately rinse eyes with water well and see your doctor

– If you think there is a foreign body in the eye, lower eyelid downwards and after seeing the body, remove and clean it with a soft tissue paper. If the object is still there, back and upper eyelids back with a cotton swab (cotton swab) is a sterile, remove the object. Another way to wash the eyes with water.

– If there is eye pain, be sure to see your doctor and do not manipulate the eye.

– personal hygiene when touching the eyes is important.

– Cosmetics infected in this area are very problematic.

– If you vomit good eyes not to see eye to eye discharge, take Antibiotic culture and tear ducts also assess the situation.


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