Treat your shy child



Probably no father or mother does not like the child is shy or others this tag him. But which children are shy and when we have other issues with being shy we wrong?

The embarrassment was actually a kind of personality characteristics in children, is not an impeccable parental fight and that don’t need to be ashamed. This feature cannot be modified with parental support and encouragement is interesting to know scientists say shy being in some cultures about the friendly people and the praise of the way society looks at the children to inherit.

Scientifically, a natural feel embarrassed reaction towards people or new environments, which is actually a combination of a sense of fear in itself. Infants with strangers seeing their return on the back.

Treat your shy child

Young children look to the Earth and to the father or her mother sticks and even may have thumb in these circumstances to pay to eat but most kids before the age of 3 to easily communicate with everyone, and it seems to come very social but after this age, children are more afraid of strangers starts and a sense of embarrassment and shame to learn. At this time, which is social and gray fish suddenly you become a shy creature.

-Your child’s rally?
The psychologist went on in stating what the effect on the child of being a family embarrassment a few baby, explains: the first child of the family is usually the second child more than embarrassed State. This is perhaps due to the stricter parental educative practices about the first child. Usually heavier parental rules and must be the first child travel tips and more about the situation as it would be on the amount and quality of the affect the self-esteem of the child. Because the child is constantly judge and its control and because of the fear of punishment or mistake, tries to interact with others. While the second child is usually less with parental rules and must be faced and hard travel tips and so with vacuum wings and more confident to make contact and conduct matters.


Disorder-like shyness
Sheykhi also refers to the age factor and warned that it should not be confused with the other stuff being shy: the age of the influential factors on the State of children. For example, the father and mother of the issue expressed surprise and discomfort when their child is 8 months until sometime before interacting with others and do not have any problem to rest in the arms of others, laughed, and played with them. But lately, even with grandmother’s time, interact with others, and in the face of fresh people cries and. .., This behavior is related to the age of the child. From about 8 months old child psychologists state that it is anxiety and separation anxiety stranger. That is, faced with new people or during the absence of their parents or carer experiencing distress.

-Habits at different ages
He stressed: the children of different ages have different habits. For example, children at the age of 5, amusements within the House to go out and usually prefer the scope of their interaction with other children is not limited to small groups of 3-4 people and is great for children or adults from a distance. So in some ages cannot be used on the form, or the desire to interact with others, the name of the child being the shy retiring, but this kind of activities is their age.

* The child is not shy to school?
Although the toddler behavior in dealing with strangers of their own gives little occurrence is caused by an upper, and this is normal, but cannot name it embarrassed * should be a remedy to maximize sooner because his arrival will escalate this issue to the school.

Maybe you will attract the attention of the
A number of the kids are embarrassed to draw attention to the work to carry out the task assigned to them. In most cases, children shy when her mother, with the others to suit different situations mother sticks but in some cases will continue to behave with others and ask him to talk with him and be the center of attention.


Not her
Being a shy child, but don’t quite unnatural and sound effects to give him a note to try to attract the attention of other ways, including you the embarrassment of pulling.

He will get social
Kindly and calm the child’s confidence and he’s a minor, since to others, especially children. To learn that some things such as good behavior and polite greetings from to.

To prepare
Before long your child will have fun explaining to others to prepare and your anxiety. The better your child comfortable and confident among collectors and are travelling and socialising, and this way to see in the Park, the home of friends and … Also to work.

Treat your shy child


Do you don’t isolate yourself
You should contact the appropriate relationships with others to learn your child communicate correctly and do not let the shy child, prevent you from socializing with others.

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