The holiday arrives, vibrant seen other people. Some people prefer to travel by plane, train tickets booking number, some are and some like bus travel with his car. Travel by private car are some tips that should be observed as holidays to have a good memory. What is important in a person traveling by car, get to safety and health of all family members.

Driving so ingrained in our daily work, sometimes not at all thinking about how we have to follow the safety tips. Sitting behind the wheel and forget that physical a few kilogram of iron drive, with fast and unpredictable circumstances. But what is good before you start driving, the vehicle is turned on when the car or not, ask yourself two questions:

1) Do you really fit to drive and you’re ready? 2) Is your car ready to go on the road and essential equipment such as spare tire, jack, screwdrivers, chains, oil and gasoline is enough? Good to know that the defective vehicle, killing its occupants. So always check your vehicle to be impeccable. Regular tires and the wind of the situation, the situation is fluid, coolant, engine oil, brake and clutch check. When sitting behind the steering wheel, mirrors, windscreen wiper blades Check if dirty or broken, they fix it. The rear car windows thoroughly clean enough to see. Fill the water tank. Check the car heater or air conditioner. Extra tires and make sure it is not healthy. Before you turn on the car engine, if necessary, sunglasses and Fasten Seat Belt. And as far as possible from the passenger side of the car’s occupants want to wear your seat belt. Placement of additional items such as pillows or bags behind the rear seats that obstruct the driver’s view is not. Fatigue and sleepiness while driving, the main cause of 30 percent and 20 percent of road accidents are accidents on the freeway.

Nighttime awakenings and decreased consciousness very dangerous factor in the incidence of fatal accidents that unfortunately most people underestimate it, especially drivers. For further decreases the risk of accidents, it is imperative that we move well rested and have chosen the right moment to move.

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