One of the major cost in travel food supply. To solve this problem two labor; the First Grid Choose a hotel with breakfast that because you may be at home every year the breakfast do not eat the breakfast in the journey very serious and this one promises it simple removal can reduce a lot of costs. How? Usually promises promises ample breakfast and lunch can’ll even take place. Eat sausage and eggs with salad, lettuce and tomato, fruit juice, cheese and a breakfast as you Atmyay fuel, which you can either skip lunch.

Finally, eating too expensive for Iranians comes. After breakfast take into account seriously and instead eat lunch. The second solution is to Kmtrkrdn foresight costs. Class put aside and instead of carrying out unprovoked articles of clothing, some canned accompany yourself. The tuna used does not come as naturally as possible should be boiled but cold Knsrvhayy that are used are good options. For example, a variety of stews, beans, garlic lens and the abdomen comes back to work and reduce costs.

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