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Imam Ali (AS) with self-dhimmi (people of the book) were traveling together in the way dhimmi man said, Where are you going? He said to Kufa and because the dhimmi man was in his other hand, he went some dhimmi person said path toward Kufa you because you come with me? Prophet said: When one is separated from the travel distance should accompany him because of the moral rationale Muslim dhimmi man. Craft / 1/416

In the presence of the Prophet (pbuh) spoke a man came and said: He is a good man. ‘O Messenger of Allah! The man rode our pilgrimage was at home when he came down steadily tongue as if to say La Illaha Alaallh to migrate that we are on the way to remember God always said we had to camp again. The Prophet (pbuh) said: Then who will feed his camel and would make its own food?

Width: all of us. He said: All you Bhtryd him.

Narrated that the Messenger of Allah (saw) ordered his companions on a journey through their slaughtered sheep. One of them said: I kill, I said another of my skin, I third said: I flesh out fine, I fourth said: I cook, the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said: I got you collect firewood so! Companions to width should not bother fall, mothers and fathers ransomed !, we work for you! The Prophet said: I know that you are my place of work, but God Almighty does not like that his servant with some of his friends and fellow traveler and a corner to sit down and not work. So he got up and went to collect firewood.
People who travel server who serve them.

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