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Using the experiences and opinions of other travelers a way to travel within the area that can improve quality and bring down the possible risks. a Web site within the area to which the articles in the form of “travel advice” is published on your site. The recommendations are the result of years of experience and staff very helpful to tourists help novice travelers and tourists will be a special purpose. However, the experiences and recommendations based on US tourists expressed taste, but reading these things for all tourists with every race can be effective and fruitful. With some modifications could be extended to every culture and race.

The first article entitled “Ten what never on a foreign trip Wear”, translated by Mrs. “Farina ensure” ready for your friends who we hope by reading this small percentage is added to your information. We invite you to add items and tips that you think will be more complete this list in the comments to help us and other visitors to our trips to the best possible use and in the absence of for many of our travels aspire has been turned into a small Frsthayman not bitter because of ignorance and inexperience.
Go Travel abroad is not easy to buy tickets and jumping on the plane. Security should be one of the main points of interest, no matter where you go, and one of the things that have to be considered safe trip cover. That dress is so pretty (as a tourist) Do not come in sight. In addition to the clothes she should wear like T-shirts and baseball caps and white linen blend, to choose a dress in a foreign country common customs and behavior as well as their religious beliefs to keep in mind.

Lisa Many ma who is constantly on the trip said: “The sense of adventure that brought me as a woman only to countries whose official religion is Islam or Christianity. I’ve been wearing always easy, but after traveling many miles and meet with the passengers and indigenous people from cultures that were very important to respect the customs of dress is more clear to me. ” When you allow your baggage to trave by is better to close out the 10 remaining clothes in the wardrobe!
Prayer is a sign of immorality clothes
In a country with deep religious beliefs have been better to choose a conservative clothing, for example in the Middle East. (If you do not have enough information from your travel agent or guidebooks religious beliefs and customs in the destination country know) in such countries can not ladies short skirt, a variety of tops, blouses with short sleeves, shorts and even wear pants tight wiring. Body and have open collar clothes are strictly prohibited. Men in most countries in the Middle East or when entering a church or other sacred sites should wear shorts and sleeveless tops. Wear pants and long skirts suits and women should bring a scarf for caution in her purse. As a general rule, travelers to enter the churches and other religious sites shoulders and knees must be covered to prevent anyone from entering not stare at them and sometimes not. And better is that the legs be covered. For better comfort wear long-sleeved blouses and men do not have their chest hair out.
Sneakers and shoes for the front
In Europe wearing sneakers just for sport. White tennis shoes, comfortable chair to sit well with the Spaniards and Italians do not look good. It is better to instead of leather shoes comfortable for walking in use, shoes should be clean and polished. White shoes Tennis signs of American tourists.

And it would be good to use Jlvbsth shoes to your feet being bitten by insects or scarring on sandy land is safe. Wild Plant Life as a communications specialist in healthy Talia says: “wear the front on a journey to places where there are not a hygienic infection.”
Shorts, and slippers Sweatband
Yes, we Americans love our shorts are. But in most cultures people with shorts do not go out, no matter what the season or how close to the equator. It is better to let khaki shorts for the beach, park, tennis club, and trails. Our convenient method for most people dressed foreign questionable. Rarely do you see indigenous people wearing shorts unless they want to play football?

Rqgyrhay wearing T-shirts and slippers are also difficult to avoid. Perhaps you think to yourself that you wear this set (shorts, Sweatband, and slippers) will relax you, but be sure other tour companions you will have a problem with the way you dress and make it their own shame and embarrassment.
Glittering ornaments
Never abroad of precious jewels and glittering Do not use unless you want your diamond ring, pearl Hyatt and your precious time someone else is kept in the collection. Since it does not require someone to impress during your trip then it is better for your valuables at home.
Religious images, slogans or profanity Nations flag
Symptoms of clothes with sports, religious or military, holy words, the flag of the United Nations and any word or sign that is posted means you can avoid it. During the trip, you do not need unwanted ideological debate. It is also the ornaments of religious symbols, even cross necklace at home. If you have to wear them so that the eye is not hidden under the shirt.
light colors
Avoid screaming colors and designs. More reliable models and colors like blue, petroleum blue, dark gray, cream use. In general, classic clothes fit properly and Wear. You do not want to draw extra attention to the crowd. (And nothing more than a green phosphor laptop does not draw attention to you.)
We wear black at funerals and funeral in the West, but in parts of Asia white is the color of clothing Za. In addition, wearing blue or black in the Central African tsetse avoid large mosquito’s favorite color.
If you visit a factory or a rural area or a tourist spot which local people were wearing jeans after wearing jeans okay. The jeans you wear should be appropriate for its size and smooth dark blue or black clothing even better use. Tell trousers, ragged, and even tight Capri outside of America is not very good.
Are you sure summer to Europe with bags colitis? So definitely a big bag of luggage carts during the train ride and better mileage. But a more bags with you, for example, a small cloth bags for daily navigation in the city. Any type of bag, big or small tourist resort on your brand.
Take a photo and camera aside. It represents nothing more than a tourist’s camera is constantly hanging around your neck. Not only paintings but also you will be the prey of thieves. A good camera with you, you could put it in bags.
A few more tips
Wear appropriate clothing not only helps overseas home crowd and the more they get, but that’s hosting pickpocket Let’s prevent. So if in doubt, see what the locals wear. A travel expert John Scala says: “Better is it that a traveler from a local retail clothing store clothes, make a few. Then nobody sees him as a tourist.” In addition to the wardrobe of clothes will be adding some new clothes.

In addition to carefully, Pvshshtan you have other things you can do to passengers to look less like plastic bags Do not use if you want to buy a souvenir that makes you look like strangers. Whatever you like to buy, and they fit in Kiev Dusty tan. Larger suites ask the seller to send to your hotel.

A good idea: Something that looks like you know what you do and where you go, even if you have to play videos. Matthew Reims passenger who was in Europe a few years ago pointed out: “When you stand in the middle of the street and seemed confused, or worse, you open your map you acknowledge that you loud you’re a tourist. In contrast to a cafe or go somewhere like that to have the time of your compact. ”

Be careful about hand positions depending on where you are in may have different meanings. For example, in Bangladesh and some Asian countries showing thumb is insulting because you do not know the symptoms in other countries, what does that mean to insult anyone is better not to use them. For more information about the different gestures and forbidden any people to the site visit.

Sometimes our tone is more important than appearance. More Americans quickly with a high tone and demand are known for their conservative talk softly and politely remarks, although this proposal could always be useful at all journeys, even in your city.

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