Tourist attractions the city of Marseilles in France

Tourist attractions the city of Marseilles in France


The port of Marseille is one of the most densely populated and oldest city of France. The city, in addition to the beach, restaurants and the beautiful and historic monuments as well. Marseille is close Paris the French economy and affect. Various hotels and guesthouses with different possibilities there are in the city.


  • Palais Longchamp:


In fact, a set of two different fields of art and the Museum of natural history two. This is very beautiful and the architecture of the House is a place to display the culture, art, and history. At the Museum of nature can be a variety of different species of animals and plants. Museum of fine arts, as well as a name, suggests that a variety of works of art like painting and other Visual Arts in its place.

Notre-Dame de la Garde


  • Notre-Dame de la Garde:


Dolagard of Notre Dame Cathedral in the Roman style of the nineteen century ad to the unilateral-has been made. This church, the very architecture of the Taj Mahal, and various works of fine arts can be found in it. The Church is designed like the Royal mansions.

Château d'If-teravel-everywhere-info
Château d’If


  • Château d’If:


The castle on an island near Marseille If shato. The square-shaped structure of the Castle and the three BARROW. This castle can be obvious examples of French architecture. The height of the square-shaped building, 28 m. Tourists can get close with three shato bastion Castle to watch it.


  • Abbey Saint Victor :


This church, in terms of architecture and art, is very striking like a castle built the Taj Mahal Tower. On the construction of establishments of this Christian Church that looks like a castle, with 11-14 century AD early in the rise of Christianity

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