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Tourist Attractions India
Rose Garden:
The garden is located on the street Vijay Ngram It is known in the local language called Jayalalytha. Rose Garden is one of the most beautiful sights and Outi is the largest rose garden in India. In the garden you can type more than 20 thousand of roses in the form of 2800Gvnh pictures. Perhaps many of you for the first time in this garden, rose, green or completely black roses pictures.

Botanical Garden:
In the big garden you need to see at least half a day to a variety of species of plants and trees cultivated variety and the atmosphere is very nice, view is a dream for any tourists. In describing the beauty Suffice to say that when you’re at the top of a hill at the end of the garden to look under your feet natural colors and pungent herbs and flowers in various shades of green areas with more than 10’ll see.

Lake Outi:
This beautiful lake is located in the city Outi alone a commercial leisure complex is complete. In this lake you can rent a rowboat or pedal boats for around 2500 dollars is the price of one hour, patrol struck on the lake and enjoy the tropical nature experience. Beside the lake, children’s play park, craft centers and silk products as well as a train ride to the lake, you can move it there.

جاذبه های گردشگری هندوستان, مکان های دیدنی جهان

Snastfan Church:
The church is located on the road Outi Mysore and the oldest church in the region. Saint Stephen built in the nineteenth century and visiting it is not unpleasant. Factory and Museum of Tea: Tea and cocoa Outi is the main product. Tea factory and museum on the road Outi Connor and over the heights overlooking the city. We recommend you make sure you include a visit to the plant on schedule.

The factory and museum you with all stages of production since the beginning of leaf tea to drying and final packaging and process it closely, you’ll see familiar. On the top floor of the factory, chocolate and cocoa production workshop located where the eye of visitors, and offered a variety of cocoa production. Finally, you can go home telescope and the top of the mountain at different angles by various telescopes, Outi beautiful view of the city and mountains and the woods around it.

Nose dolphins:
Nose dolphin named peak above the town that you can go to get this place on the highest point overlooking the city. This growth is due to the large stone on top of the mountain to the valley in the form of a dolphin is completed and has been known by this name. The road leading to the Cape Dolphin, forest roads and passes through the sights of this region.
Other attractions include Outi stone houses, huts Toda, Wax Museum, Museum of Anthropology, River Pykara, pine forest, Kamaraj dam, Deer Park and Valley Persson pointed out.

جاذبه های گردشگری هندوستان, مکان های دیدنی جهان


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