Top 10 city tourism regions of France and they

Top 10 city tourism regions of France and they


Paris is one of the most famous tourist cities of the world that the abundance of attractions there are in the city.

However, in the case of the Paris visit, make sure you take the time to walk in the streets and quarters of the city because it’s the only way of knowing the real Paris.

Jardin du Luxembourg

Paris tourist attractions


Eiffel Tower

Louvre Museum

Notre Dame Cathedral



Arc de Triomphe

Versailles Palace

Jardin du Luxembourg

Centre Pompidou

Place de la Concorde

Jardin des Tuileries

Musée d’Orsay


La Défense

Opéra de Paris Garnier



Louvre Pyramid

Hôtel des Invalides

Place des Vosges


  1. Chamonix


The city in 1924, the first winter Olympic Games host in the world. For this reason, its name forever in recorded history. Including the spectacular of the city should be (Mont Blanc) (the highest mountain in Western Europe) and ski areas in the Valley of Chamonix. This is a city for lovers of skiing is very attractive, and even people who just want to start skiing as well as benefit from the many features in Chamonix.



  1. Nice


Sunny city in Europe that is located on the Mediterranean coast and is the perfect place and beauty for swimming and sunbathing.

Nice town landmarks include the following:


  • Colline du Chateau
  • Promenade des Anglais
  • Theatre National de Nice
  • Vieux Nice



  1. Canne


Different festivals, film festivals and tourist attractions have now given a special identity. Cannes Film Festival for all of them. The city has a famous slogan that says: “life is a Festival.” More people to travel to the various festivals Canne. Of course, it should not be the beaches of Cannes as well. This is the first time the company coast Coco Chanel General. On these beaches can make expensive foods in Sandy Hotel order.


  1. Marseilles


The port of Marseille and densely populated city with urban amenities in addition to Beach the town French historic sites and has a lot of tourism and therefore in the French economy has great importance.

  • The Museum Palais Longchamp


  • The church Notre-Dame de la Garde


  • The castle Château d ‘ If


  • Saint Victor Abbey Church


  1. Biarritz


Biarritz is located in the southwest of France and one of the country’s annual stylish beaches and many travelers from around the world poured into the side of it. Now also European capital of surfing. This beach in summer is full of passengers and tourists. Of course, the beauty of rioria but on surfing the waters of this city for people is very interesting.




  1. Bordeaux


This town of about 300 years of the British colony and was one of the non-French cities in the country. And has valuable historic sites


  • Cathedral of San Andrea (Cathedral Saint Andre
  • The Grand Theatre (Le Grand Theatre
  • Church (Basilique Saint Michel


  • The Palace (Palais Rohan)


  • Stone bridge (Pont de Pierre)
  1. Avignon


Because of the reputation of the Avignon for tourists, the streets of the old Castle, remains of Medieval Gothic architecture and nihoa is the 14th century AD, and the Vatican City State to belong. Other attractions of the Festival  it should be noted that the Festival is to show art, film, dance and its hundreds of thousands of annual tourists theater Street from around the world to its side.

  1. Lyons


Lyon is part of UNESCO World Heritage and historical background 2 thousand years. This dating can be found in the streets of the city as good sense and sight. Most of history can be found in the city’s Vieux Lyon district observed that from the Renaissance period remaining. It also should be noted that two Lyon Auditorium continues to also place a variety of concerts. Though Lyon has many values among tourists is not strange at all. The city is full of traditional markets, modern shopping malls, movies and music and a variety of museums, movies, puppet, and miniature.


  1. Saint-malo


Saint malo was original as a fortress for copy protect from the mouth of the river Rance was built and was the location of the pirate life for centuries. But now they all have migrated elsewhere and St. malo is one of the most visited cities in the region of Brittany in France. Walk in the old streets and walk in the city’s sprawling beaches including his attraction to. Other attractions in the city, such as the large aquarium, Museum, and there are also the Castle.

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