Too much makeup to your skin with broken!!




If you are of those people that much make-up you do the following to note these days are not low. women who held 42 sizes even further, and the morphology of their size or morphology that 36 tons more hosting shop mannequin, a lot of distance,

Find clothing for such ladies who are overweight or obese are considered to be held by this so-called limb and 8 is not a simple task. If this is your problem, your problem too; so these techniques to your attention there with obesity, well-dressed and beautiful it seems. what to wear?


Too much makeup to your skin with broken!!


If you are short stature, long and short, and crotch drapes if you are tall long drapes. If the thigh is large, tight when exercising free choice of drapes and drapes. Blues you better come down to below the hips. Types of collar that is not selected, the robe.

Of course, it shouldn’t be because of either side of the roof in the event that your dress is too loose and loosen, it still seems uncomfortable.if you plan to buy a House for shirting Chamber with round collar dress or open square shape is more suitable.

For night shirts can wear long tight, which is a problem with the upper body, but his lower body is loose. If the Golan height, you can choose short shirts but in these circumstances should not be taller than the height of your shoes with 170 cm. If you have a short stature, wear high-heeled shoes but not suitable for a narrow heel.


Too much makeup to your skin with broken!!

If you prefer flat shoes, ballet shoes, never when exercising. Shoes, pants with leggings and short skirts, with the long thin belt, boots is more beautiful than you can reduce obesity and organ make you beautiful. Dress with the general lines of the more slender you indicate if you have obesity until you can dress with long sleeves and loose sleeves or use the shape of a butterfly.

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