To the beauty of your hands you the importance



Most physicians believe that even small changes in odd floor hands, nails and fingers can be a sign of an important health problem. our hands our health indicators rate actually is even apparent in most small changes they can mark a more serious medical problem of our bodies elsewhere. reportedly, the daily mirrors the English professionals in this article outlines a few of the most important changes in the hands, which can be indicative of a disease , These changes include:

To the beauty of your hands you the importance

– Being pale nails:
The nails should be pink and healthy. If the green color is Tan is probably the person with a yeast infection and should go to the doctor. In addition to being the color of yellow nails can be a sign of lung disease. Also appearing brown color in the spot below the nail line may be due to the existence of a Mole is meaty and hollowed with nails or sticks on the smooth surface, it usually indicates psoriasis disease. In this way, it is recommended to change the color of any kind of unusual in the nails to notify your physician.


– Shape of spoon nails:
The natural shape of a healthy nail to this arrangement is that it should be the middle of the little nail tip which is also somewhat curved mode. If the nail shape unlike this case and similar to a spoon, is probably gone down the symptoms of iron deficiency and anemia. Treat this case with iron supplementation and dingy adding vegetables and red meat to the diet is a daily possibility. on the other hand, if that means its wand nails are often as balls are more alarming because it can mean a serious internal illness like lung cancer or heart problems.
– Bumps in the fingers:
The occurrence of small spines near the base of the nail of the first symptoms, inflammation of the bone – joint. Since this disease causes a loss of joint space, these bumps are created around the nail.

– Shake hands:
Any individual may experience somewhat shake hands but if this long and be detectable vibration can affect the nervous system. Shake hands at the same time much of the stress and anxiety or taking over from coffee and alcohol as well. it is also sometimes the result of hereditary neurological complication shake hands. If you notice any drastic movements in the Kandy or shake hands as soon as possible the issue with your physician to share.

– Being dry skin:
Sometimes symptoms of a severe dry skin being low thyroid thing that causes loss of skin moisture. Sometimes it is also a sign of sensitivity to soaps or other cosmetic products. In addition to these sometimes being dry skin after menopause can also update that the consequence of compromising the level of estrogen in menopausal women’s body.

To the beauty of your hands you the importance

– Redness of calf, hand:
Physicians for centuries that the redness of calf liver with hand disorders, especially cirrhosis of liver related. Red floor hand in these circumstances caused by dilatation (dilation) of blood vessels in response to the hormonal imbalance in the liver damage effect of the update. The external edge of the mode of redness in the wrist of the beginning of the thumb begins along the wrist up to small fingers continue. Other symptoms of liver disorders, jaundice skin and also whiten the nails, which is in effect a common protein deficiency in liver disease incidence. The redness in the calf yet could be a sign of articular rheumatism, thyroid disorders and sometimes a sign of pregnancy.
– Floor hand sweating:
Floor heating in the event that our hands are usually nervous and anxious, more but if someone is constantly having this be a thyroid problem likely to be affected. The thyroid being bolstered parker metabolism which means burning more calories this is Hyperhidrosis and in effect of heat going up the body. Also in this disorder, the person may be unreasonable weight loss, swelling of the thyroid gland and the nervous energy level increases the feeling of continuous experiencing. Also, a thyroid drug consumption being parker.


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