Social resentment that are inevitable part of life outside our demands are imposed on us

Social resentment that are inevitable part of life outside our demands are imposed on us. But this does not mean that we are doomed to carry with them all my life. We can not rid ourselves of the evil of resentment, just as we are.

The time has come for you to talk or behavior of someone for a while the heart is weighed and you have to get rid of this situation, according to the person yourself to be nice, but after a while fire Rnjshtan with the smallest he spark back plum be worse state than before? Do you think that because you sometimes do not succeed in passing off and to achieve this goal, what to do? In other words, what you must do to pass off better? To achieve this you must do two things:
Can be up to a thousand and one reasons people have a positive impact on mental health that some of these causes are:

1. hatred, the waste of energy
When Adam is one person hold a grudge, especially if it’s one person close to the person, the mind most of their energy is spent thinking about the injustice that has been inflicted on him. Then little by little and thus the behavior of people obsessed and excitement revolves around one thing; the memory of a sense of resentment and hatred. I do not believe that hatred can disrupt your life is so, is not it? The last time a very Rnjydyd and then to remember the dark days to hand out large-scale fermentation can bring people what to do.

2. Forgiveness, a good finish
Until we have resentment in the minds of people, so we do not solve this resentment is not separated from the people and not revenge he does not soothe us; that is Anyway “resent” minds, we, as a matter is not , Remains. The property has a theme unfinished mind is that not all is not calm. Until Nbkhshym others feel hatred remains as an issue is not over in our minds and we captured it. So forgiving others before our own quiet calm.

3. Stay away from psychosomatic diseases
When a person offended is because we constantly find ourselves in the position of suffering a burst of offensive and greed are not the answer we eat. The result is known that eating extreme greed; a variety of forms of anxiety, obsession, depression, stomach ulcers and creates the acne.

فواید بخشش
Get to know the dos and don’ts passed down
Passed out like many of its behaviors and don’ts less attention to them, it is good manners to fail and thus make you feel worse than before.
Over objectives:
– Must be passed freely choose not to spend teaching or other pressures, some have to do it yourself to see.
– To complete the process over, be patient and work slowly and steady yourself.
– In passing, it should just focus on yourself and be better off. You can not blame the other person is and whatever the change.
Over Don’ts:
– Passed should know the meaning of reconciliation. The next step is reconciliation and forgiveness is necessary before you reconcile with the perpetrator, have completed the process of passing it to yourself.
– Learn passage should not mean forgetting what happened. The fact is that living things happened and can not be forgotten. What does this passage is the emotional story and makes you feel bad it did not remind you again for not making it clear story gives an overview of your mind will.
– Not because someone had passed over the desired favor. As has been stated over your choice, you had better do it yourself and the person you have chosen not to.

فواید بخشش

Can be up to a thousand and one reasons people have a positive impact on mental health

A few steps up better
Forgiving so it can have a positive effect on mental health that some psychologists who have worked more on spiritual matters, a “psychotherapy based on forgiveness” have designed. They say if the root of the anxiety and stress is an old grudge, the best way to overcome it, is that patients with chiefs blame others pass. Some of these recommendations are in fact the steps of the therapy. So if you hate, your life is cluttered with the help of a psychologist please follow these steps:

Step One: Do not deny negative feelings!
I’ve seen some people say “I do not take any one thing to heart.” Honestly, at least in terms of psychology, this “nothing” is impossible. If you really want to treat psychological, even focus on one “no”, “no”, “no time” and “in no circumstances” not to hold a grudge could be a sign that perhaps the heart of man, a deep grudge I hate lying and practice it more than others. So please feel hatred of others at least not hide from you and instead sit down to think about its various aspects, on how heavily it? Who or what is the proportion of those? When he first offended you and why? Is it possible for your child to return to the roots of this hatred? May pique your mind is too extreme and unrealistic?

Step two: two and two together to try!
Once again, read this article and think to yourself that altogether the disadvantages of having a grudge or revenge, it is better or profits. Once you reach the conclusion that forgiveness can either be on the side of eternal hatred and retaliation is one of your choices, you’ve taken this step as a result.

The third step: the right of retribution and forgiveness
Say forgiveness is more enjoyable when you have the ability to retaliate. You find yourself both in retaliation and in giving the right to know, makes it easier to forgive others without hesitation. Maybe that’s why no desire reconciliation ceremony Kanani that both sides are done, usually do not work.

Step four: the limits of his thinking
Now it’s time to bring it down a little bit exciting and something that offended you are, the more reasonable check. See what makes the offensive, not hurt you. Does he have limitations that make it treated? It is not possible on the day or days that you may find offensive has been the sad thing is? It is unlikely that you have behavior that bitter thing for him to be alive? Because he did not have his life under severe psychological pressure so nervous all the time? OK! All of this can limit that makes you hurt one person. You do not have these limitations? Brnjanyd not come for you to unwanted one? Be fair anymore!

Step Five: See also good
Usually annoyance deep memory of those times when we do not offend our expectations.Well, those people who have suddenly fallen from the sky; these guys have had a good first we have them feel closer to the other Brnjym behavior. Think, see that he is not really any good at it?

Step Six: Decide
I must come to your hand is up, the action is more fair and primarily for your own good, but still Mkhtaryd passed and the grudges between one to choose from. However, the heart of a shepherd and decide. But that’s not rush to decide not remain in doubt. Just remember that your decision is not only logical and truly from the bottom of heart for the benefit of others to be nice.

Step Seven: show up in action!
If a person has truly from the heart, you should not be reluctant to go with him not to lose, and cheeks. If you are there on why he did not come forward, indirectly to a Friend Subscribe to show that you are interested in reconciliation with the offensive. Always the basis for reconciliation ceremony there will be players!


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