Messenger Good Hyatdar houses with colorful turquoise pools and Shmdanyhayy that sat round about in order, intelligence head were all from the heart.

The presence of the water element, both spiritually and scientifically speeds up the process of achieving peace; imagine hearing the sweet sound of water in a small apartment resonance today can be comforting.

You may ask: Why would the fountain which is suitable for the interior? Or is it the best place to put a fountain in your home decoration Which is it? To find answers to these questions, in the Mas.

Nostalgic touch with the fountain in the living room!
Dvrhmyhay you a sense of calm and refreshing fountains in the past can provide for you. If a wall fountain for your living space you choose, you can consider it the focal point and change its layout to suit Mblmantan, for example, in the space of a half circle centered Arrange your furniture and soothing water fountain close touch.

راهنمای خرید آبنما,اصول انتخاب آبنما

You can consider the focal point of your living room wall fountain
The lobby, the most suitable place for fountain!
The lobby space is the first large buildings in which they are residents and clients on arrival. After a pleasant feeling of relaxation that on arrival they transferred to the satisfaction of the space very effectively. The extent and area of a lot of lobbying usually account, so they provide a good platform to accommodate a beautiful waterfront. You also have the choice to Lvkstr lobby space will be a great help.

نکاتی برای انتخاب آبنما,بهترین مکان آبنما

The fountain inside the lobby, the lobby you will be more luxurious
Welcome to the sound of water in input!
There fountain in the entrance of the house leads to a sense of relaxation and freshness to you and your guests on arrival to be induced. Fountain choose the right type for this space, especially if small, is very important. You can consider the input of the waterfront wall fountain or a small desktops that are placed on your console, all of the waterfront for the Fzahast.

If your input is relatively large fountain by the entrance of the house can easily disconnect from other sectors to showcase the boundary between them.

انتخاب آبنماهای مناسب هر مکان, مناسب ترین آبنماهای هر مکان

If you input large fountain by the entrance of the house separated you from other sectors
Fountain, soft partitions to the water!
If you have a large living and spatial resolution at which you want to create, you can use blue or the waterfront curtain walls that allow placement in the middle of the space they use. It works only with water valves installed in the roof and collect it at the bottom of the bed is possible but it requires planning and design of hydration facilities in the roof and floor systems for this purpose can benefit from a expert help.

نکاتی برای چیدمان آبنما در خانه,راهنمای انتخاب آبنما

You can use the waterfront curtain to separate the living space
Manufactured waterfront, a touch of nature indoors
Bnmahayy with natural appearance and often distinctly stone can be prepared as an element of the store. Examples of this type of inspired modern fountain are produced in a form that you can easily buy them and to bring home and use in such sectors as patio or backyard, but no rules and laws you from having them in other parts of the not prohibit your internal space. Then select the best space for relaxation and calm water having fun.

اصول انتخاب آبنما, اصول و نحوه خرید آبنما

Bnmahayy natural-looking stone and often you can use on the patio or backyard
Interior fountain and its proper place!
If we look from the perspective of feng shui to the fountain, the best place to put waterfront home on the east side, south-east and north of the house. Try to put the fountain in areas close to the fireplace where the fire dominate the environment, must be avoided.

The bedrooms are all a good place to put the fountain will not be, even if your bedroom in the east, southeast and north-home placement fountain there, avoid it. The best place to put the fountain near the entrance of the house and the living.

بهترین مکان آبنما,راهنمای خرید آبنما

The best place to put the fountain near the entrance of the house and the living

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