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Tingling of the extremities


Why the body gets numb?
Numbness of the body can be a variety of causes in effect happens, for example, prolonged sitting in a particular situation.
But it’s always because it is not the magnitude of banal. If the tingling and numbness of the extremities of the body makes you annoyed,
Maybe one of the following conditions is to blame for it.
Your body’s immune system mistakenly attack
The first symptoms of the syndrome are often overwhelmed and tingling of the extremities. This feeling can be quickly expanded and eventually numbness all over your body in. This weakness can cause difficulty walking,
Difficulty swallowing food and bowel or bladder control. This disease can also be
Causes accelerated heart beat, blood pressure change and difficulty in breathing.


Tingling of the extremities

Doctors do not know exactly what the cause of this disease in which the immune system, the nerves are attacked.
But a lot of people are having a respiratory infection or the stomach rejects
(Or inflammation of the stomach that bacterial, viral or reasons caused poisoning) had it.
You have to be a dreaded disease
A dreaded disease leprosy in ancient civilizations and today it’s time to see. The symptoms of the disease in addition to numbness of the body include:
If this bacterial infection is left untreated, permanent damage.



You don’t get enough vitamin b-12
A lack of vitamin B12 can be numbness or tingling of hands and feet together.
It can also be tough with thinking, memory loss, weakness, and fatigue,
Anemia, swelling of the tongue, difficulty maintaining balance or even show off your illusion.
Our bodies to build red blood cells to this vitamin needs. Vegans are at risk of deficiency of B12.
If they must supplement of vitamin B12.
You have a gene mutation
Symptoms of the disease in the beginning usually in your legs show,
But in the end it may be the hands and arms are also affected.
Foot abnormalities, such as hammer toe feet and high arches are also common.
People who inherit the disease, have genetic mutations that protective layer or trailing nerves around the nerve damage.
The terms of the relationship between the brain and other parts of the body trouble.
This means that it is possible some of the leg muscles, the brain’s message in order to get a contraction.
So the likelihood of falling and the ground to eat. It may also be
Pain messages from the brain get legs, so for example if you have a blister on the foot,
It is possible that without this notice, it will fester.


Tingling of the extremities
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