Those who sleep until noon! read



You exercise
The report revealed online if the morning wakes up can add a time you have to assign the exercise of running in the Park to include weight training in the gym. Exercise is a good way to start a day full of merriment, and this habit can increase your productivity and morale.
You can use your extra time to do yoga so that not only the body but more energy to wake up makes you feel calm and spur on the whole less stress. Doing morning exercise causes to events and unexpected responsibilities sometimes era is in the process of exercise you do not create disorder.

Those who sleep until noon! read

You can use the calm and silence of the morning to set up a list of things to do during the day or thoughts and ideas that you consider. Do such things can have peace of mind with more ready for the day ahead. Meditation can you mind and spirit for more days. Studies have shown that meditation can reduce anxiety, heuristic to improve skills, and strong relationships.



Your mood and heals
Studies have shown that the dawn rising compared to the ones to wake up late, people are happier and more positive look towards the surrounding environment and the events that occur. Also, the dawn rising more wellness feeling that is probably due to the internal body clock synchronization with the sunrise.


More productivity
Morning calm can increase your productivity. In the absence of annoying noises and raucous meetings, emails and conversations around the Office, you can get your day started before any other person and it is the quietest time.

You will have a better appearance
Dawn studied not only can make you feel better but also to make a better appearance also helps. The extra time you have in the morning when you can do things like mini steam iron up, sort of short hair, nail, etc. During a study that was done in the year 2013, 80 percent of the respondents point out that the appearance of the applicant’s work clothes and a significant effect on the probability of hiring them.

More healthy food you eat
When you may be tempted to rush on the path going to work foods like a donut or cake as breakfast. But all of these extra calories in the morning can quickly gather together and the incidence of health problems such as obesity are leading. The results of a study that in 2011 by Northwestern University, showed that people who stay late at night than that early morning wake up more calories daily are 248 gets, two times more fast food and half of fruits and vegetables they consume.
People who wake up late were of an average body mass index (BMI) were also higher. In contrast, if you skip enough time to dawn just off a healthy breakfast full of protein (e.g., eggs, fruits, and whole wheat toast) will have to feel satiated and less involved desire to eat junk food and snacks during the day.

Those who sleep until noon! read

Get away from the bustle and traffic

The busy hours of the day and stuck the falling in the overwhelming traffic can be even before the start of your work day, you disrupt. In contrast, early morning wakes up and quit sooner than the House to stay away from the bustle of the crowd and of course, if you’re going by car, you can find a better place to park as well. If you have enough time you can even drink a cup of coffee or tea in your path towards the work you enjoy to make your day better.








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