This part of the boxer’s head be sure to eat





According to “health news” Yunus heydari researcher and scholar of traditional medicine in regard to copyright the Spring said: the spring in terms of traditional medicine has a more warm and disseminate so that humidity in this chapter have been high and the temperature increased, so the people must consume heavy foods or foods that are hot, distribute the refrain.
He is a boxer from people taking the bull in the spring on the beware and said: because the use of this food is a lot of moisture to the body and taking it cause increased body metabolism, so people should opt out dumb Boxer in this chapter.

This traditional medicine researcher and investigator added: spring flowers are pollinated and most people in this season having symptoms such as a runny nose, increasing the concentration of blood, boredom, low working, napping, and gape. Taking the bull Boxer food increasing boredom and lethargy the people this season.

Heydari, referring to the suitability of using Kalleh-pacheh in winter as heavy food and Boxer head: late composition, poses, and the consumption of food in this chapter to increase body metabolism and its resistance against the cold more.


He stressed: this is the best kind of food, sheep meat head Boxer Boxer has a better quality compared to other parts of the boxer’s head as well as fat, cholesterol and triglycerides compared to the rest of sheep baffle the baffle headless. Boxer headed cow or goat is too cold and too late to late to digest, so it is better than taking people to refuse.

This investigator and researcher of traditional medicine advised: people in cities that have more warm weather such as Bandar Abbas and Bushehr, it is better to stay away from the use of the bull Boxer Boxer consumption along with some lemon juice and cinnamon.

Heydari regarding contraindications Boxer head reiterated: people who suffer from the disease of gout or high uric acid have been blood should avoid using the food as well as Western diseases like blood lipids, diabetes, obesity, rheumatism, kidney failure and fatty liver if iodine 1 and 2 is better not liking and Boxer head in case the consumption of food make sure you do it with some lemon juice and cinnamon.


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